NYPD Chief Ignores A Quarter of Police Misconduct Rulings

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In the first six months of 2014, the department has declined to sanction officers in over 25 percent of cases in which the board found cause for discipline. That rate is near the high end of what was seen during the last years of the Bloomberg administration, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly were generally hostile to external oversight.

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Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio Announces William Bratton As City's Next Police Chief

It’s rare enough that citizens file complaints against the police and even rarer that those complaints are investigated. So, it’s appalling to hear that in 25% of cases where a NYPD police misconduct review board ruled that an officer be disciplined, Chief Bill Bratton did nothing. The New York Times has the story:

In the first six months of 2014, the department has declined to sanction officers in over 25 percent of cases in which the board found cause for discipline. That rate is near the high end of what was seen during the last years of the Bloomberg administration, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly were generally hostile to external oversight.

How officers are disciplined has come under new scrutiny following the death of Eric Garner during an arrest that included, the city medical examiner said, the use of a chokehold, which is banned by…

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The Post-Racial Myth

1aWe are living in what we’re being told is something called a post racial society. Based on the word “post” it implies racism no longer exists. Yet, in the lives of most people we see no such thing at work in either actions and deeds.

It amazes me that anyone would come to this conclusion when you look at the state of race relations in America today on any level. African Americans and people of color lead every negative category across the board; be it unemployment, healthcare, justice, housing, education, you name it. Still, there are those who say things have changed.

I share many Thought Provoking Perspectives on a wide range of subjects but interestingly enough the hate mail comes when I speak to the reality of race, which we all know is truth. I know it sounds good when bigots say they are not but the reality is that not much has changed. Yes, we do have a “Black Face” in the White House, and I am glad to have lived long enough to have witnessed this phenomenal event.

Frankly, no one living or dead would have thought that an African American would ever live in the White House as President. But just for the record; let me remind you of what Carter G. Woodson said in 1933 in his still relevant novel “The Mis-Education of the Negro:  

“History shows that it does not matter who is in power… those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they did in the beginning.” In the same novel he also reminded us that “if you control what a man is thinking you don’t have to worry about what he thinks”.

Ok, thanks to the racist cop in the OJ Simpson case caused white people to change the way they use the term “Nigger”! However, just because the now say the “N-Word” instead does not mean they are not saying and believing that you are not a Nigger! Post racial in many respects is nothing more than putting a new name or title on what I would argue never change.

I can recall in my lifetime where the “N-Word” was the last thing a black man, or woman, heard before being lynched. I remember vividly the KKK terrorizing black communities burning down houses and bombings churches under the cover of law; this is also to include murder with no justice for the crime. These cowards held down and raped black women for amusement.

Like the Dixcrats of old, now the Republican and Tea Party, are not that much different than the Citizens Counsels in the south. Today, the police still act in many regards under a similar code. They can “Stop and Frisk” you at their pleasure, beat and brutalize, and kill with no repercussions. Exercise racist polices through the courts and implement them in the Prison Industrial Complex; where you find “Just Us” is big business filled with “21st Century Slaves” traded on the Stock Market; just like slaves were back in the day.

I’ve seen guns and drugs proliferate black communities with murder at unprecedented rates. We just accept it along with the legacy and lifestyle that come with it. When there was talk of revolution; CONINTELPRO came to bare with the full might of the government and putting an end to any thought of freedom. The president spoke loudly of “Change” and said “Yes we can”. I have not seen it!

Mr. President, with all due respect, it’s time that we hold you accountable and make possible change we can believe; at the drop of a dime you send billions all over the world in an instant. You can reach out and touch or throw a lifeline to the millions who look like you right here in America. You say that you are trying to be the president of all people. Well aren’t African Americans people or are you viewing it as the Constitution’s perspective that we are 3/5 human.

African Americans have been here since August of the year 1619, and they are still debating whether or not we can vote. Just for clarity, every so many years that portion of the Voting Rights Act must be reauthorized and signed into law, and in the span of time between re-authorization they try every trick imaginable to suppress the vote. Mr. President, if you do nothing more for the people and their children who look like you; use your power to at least make Voting Rights permanent.

It’s time for rational minds to return to earth and stop using the meaningless term “post-racial” because there’s no such thing! There’s no place that fits that description in America. There’s no “post-racial era.”  Never has and never will! It’s a term for a concept that does not exist. 

I knew Jim Crow, and now I see his grown son, James Crow Jr. Esq., as being more clever and wicked than his namesake. I never thought I would say this, but I felt more comfortable and safe during segregation than I do today! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

Chairman Fred

2On December 4th, 1969, Fred Hampton, an African American activist, deputy chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party was murdered while sleeping in his apartment during a raid by a tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office, in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This activity was in concert by the infamous seditious FBI program known as COINTELPRO designed to eliminate activist deemed by its director as “subversive”.

“We expected about twenty Panthers to be in the apartment when the police raided the place. Only two of those black niggers were killed, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.” FBI Special Agent Gregg York

Chairman Fred, as he was known, was successful and revered for organizing young African Americans for the NAACP. He was quickly attracted to the Black Panthers’ approach, which was based on a ten-point program of a mix of black designed for the survival of the black community. Chairman Fred joined the Party’s nascent Illinois chapter SNCC’s organizer Bob Brown in late 1967. Over the next year, Hampton and his associates made a number of significant achievements in Chicago. Perhaps his most important accomplishment was his brokering of a nonaggression pact between Chicago’s most powerful street gangs.

Emphasizing that racial and ethnic conflict between gangs would only keep its members entrenched in poverty, he strove to forge a class-conscious, multi-racial alliance between the Panther Party, the Young Patriots and the National Young Lords. Soon after the pact was formed they were joined by the Students for a Democratic Society, the Blackstone Rangers, the Brown Berets, and the Red Guard. In May 1969, Hampton called a press conference to announce that a truce had been declared among this “rainbow coalition,” a phrase coined by Hampton and made popular later by Jesse Jackson, who eventually appropriated the name in forming his own unrelated coalition, Rainbow/Push.

This achievement marked him as a major threat in the eyes of the FBI, signaled his death. Subsequent investigations have shown that FBI chief Hoover was determined to prevent the formation of a cohesive Black movement in the United States “by any means necessary. Hoover saw the Panthers, and similar radical coalitions forged by Hampton in Chicago, as a frightening stepping stone toward the creation of just such a revolutionary body that could cause a radical change in the U.S. government.

They opened a file on Hampton in 1967 that over the next two years expanded to twelve volumes and over four thousand pages. By May of that year, Chairman Fred’s name was placed on the “Agitator Index” and he would be designated a “key militant leader for Bureau reporting purposes.

In late 1968, the Racial Matters squad of the FBI’s Chicago field office brought in an individual named William O’Neal, who had recently been arrested twice, for interstate car theft and impersonating a federal officer. In exchange for dropping the felony charges and a monthly stipend, O’Neal apparently agreed to infiltrate the Black Panther Party as a counterintelligence operative. He joined the Party and quickly rose in the organization, becoming Director of Chapter Security and Hampton’s bodyguard.

In 1969, the FBI Special Agent in San Francisco wrote Hoover that his investigation of the Black Panther Party revealed that in his city, at least, the Panthers were primarily feeding breakfast to children. Hoover fired back a memo implying the career ambitions of the agent were directly related to his supplying evidence to support Hoover’s view that the Panthers were “a violence-prone organization seeking to overthrow the Government by revolutionary means”. Hoover was willing to use false claims to attack his political enemies. In one memo, he wrote: “Purpose of counterintelligence action is to disrupt the BPP, and it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the charge.”

By means of anonymous letters, the FBI sowed distrust and eventually instigated a split between the Panthers and the Rangers, with O’Neal himself instigating an armed clash between the two on April 2, 1969. The Panthers became effectively isolated from their power base, so the FBI went to work to undermine its ties with other radical organizations.

O’Neal was instructed to “create a rift” between the Party and Students for a Democratic Society, whose Chicago headquarters was only blocks from that of the Panthers. The Bureau released a batch of racist cartoons in the Panthers’ name, aimed at alienating white activists, and launched a disinformation program to forestall the realization of the “Rainbow Coalition.” In repeated directives, J. Edgar Hoover demanded that the COINTELPRO personnel “destroy what the Black Panther Party stands for” and “eradicate its ‘serve the people’ programs”.

In early October, Hampton and his girlfriend, Deborah Johnson, pregnant with their first child Fred Hampton, Jr., rented a four-and-a-half room apartment on 2337 West Monroe Street to be closer to Black Panther Party headquarters. O’Neal reported to his superiors that much of the Panthers’ “provocative” stockpile of arms was being stored there. None of which was true but the paid government informant played the role of Judas bringing the powers of the state to kill him.

To see how far great powers will go is shocking and a moral shame. Yet, it continues, to some degree, today. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Autopsy Shows Victor White III Was Shot In The Chest, Contradicts Police Report

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This black boy was handcuffed with his hands behind his back but the police said he shot himself. However, according to the autopsy, “the bullet entered White’s chest, then perforated his left lung and heart before exiting his armpit area and lacerating his upper arm.”

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Victor White III

An autopsy for Victor White III, 22, the Louisiana man who police said shot and killed himself in March while handcuffed in the backseat of a sheriff’s car, was really shot in the chest, according to the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office.

According to the autopsy, “the bullet entered White’s chest, then perforated his left lung and heart before exiting his armpit area and lacerating his upper arm.”


La. Police Claim Man Shot And Killed Himself While Handcuffed

Police: Chavis Carter, While Handcuffed, Shot Himself In The Head

As previously reported by NewsOne, White was allegedly involved  in an altercation and when deputies responded to the call they claim to have found illegal drugs on him which lead to his arrest.

According to authorities, White was in handcuffs with his hands behind his back when he was killed, allegedly by his own gun — which conveniently wasn’t found during…

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Nat Turner: Road To Jerusalem

nat turner

I am keenly aware that I stand on the shoulders of the ghosts of the greats who suffered, died, and sacrificed so much for a people degraded and scorn to which some might say cursed by the wretchedness of slavery. Let me say that one of my major faults is that I understand the power of words and know that finding written words can produce truth. Taking into consideration, often-times, those word were written for the times and used to sway or justify that which one might want truth to remain hidden.

Someone I know sent me an email that contained the “Confessions of Nat Turner”. I had never read it before and knew very little about the man Nat Turner other than what His-Story tells. I was so surprised because it was, in my opinion, unfathomable to believe much of what his supposed attorney wrote was true. This caused me to do my own research and see what facts were available to reinforce the only known account of the Nat Turner Rebellion. What I found was many different interpretations of the events of that rebellion. There were few facts. What we do know as fact is that there was a rebellion, he is the most hated black to ever life, and he was hung. Everything else is conjecture!

Here are the facts: Nat Turner was born into slavery October 2, 1800 on a Southampton County plantation. On August 21, 1831, he led a violent disorganized insurrection. The incident ended the emancipation movement in that region and led to even harsher laws against slaves. Benjamin Turner, his owner, allowed him to be instructed in reading, writing, and religion. Sold three times in his childhood and hired out to John Travis 1820s. He became a fiery preacher and leader of slaves claiming that he was chosen by God to lead them from bondage.

Believing in signs and hearing divine voices, Turner was convinced by an eclipse of the Sun in 1831 that the time to rise up had come, and he enlisted the help of four other slaves in the area. An insurrection was planned, aborted, and rescheduled for August 21, 1831, when he and six other slaves killed the Travis family, managed to secure arms and horses, and enlisted about 75 other slaves in a disorganized insurrection that resulted in the murder of 51 white people.

Afterwards, Turner hid nearby successfully for six weeks until his discovery, conviction, and hanging in Jerusalem, Virginia after a trial that lasted twenty four hours, along with 16 of his followers. The incident put fear in the heart of Southerners, ended the organized emancipation movement in that region, resulted in even harsher laws against slaves, and deepened the schism between slave-holders that would culminate in the Civil War. This is all we know as fact.

Among many, perhaps most, African-Americans in the antebellum period or even today, Turner’s legacy takes on heroic status as someone willing to make slave-owners pay for the hardships that they enacted upon the millions of children, women and men they enslaved. He is not mentioned in the same vain as the KKK in that they murdered, under cover of law, countless men, women, and children in what was nothing more than state sponsored terrorism. Like John Brown, Turner also thought revolutionary violence would serve to awaken the attitudes of whites to the reality of the inherent brutality of slave-holding.

My research shows one thing clearly. The supposed confession taken by attorney Gray is a myth written to produce financial gain and to induce fear. Turner was called a beast and a savage – maybe. I would argue that is what he was made to be, as he and others were sold like animals, to which his knowledge of the Old Testament told him that even God worked through acts of violence and inflicted extreme punishment upon his enemies for his people.

Turner’s last words, before he was hung, were “they crucified Jesus didn’t they”. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

The Power Of One

1549544_10201525536561628_1876359458_nThis morning as you attend a service in your church, you will pray and praise the God of your devotion. It is a fact and all of us know that the church is as divided as the nation is itself. It is the most segregated hour or two in America. In addition, most churches are filled with women, and women are mothers, which means a mother’s pain is greater when her child is killed at the hands of the police, or for that matter anyone. I can speak to losing a child because I am a member of this unwanted fraternity.

The black preacher once was the moral authority in the African American community, and the church was a concrete institution. Every black person living knows it was from the church that the modern civil rights movement was nurtured and the driving force behind the limited rights gained during the 1959s and 1960s. Black people today face a crisis of biblical proportions at every level of life in America. Over the past few weeks, I have watched in horror murders at the hands of those we pay to protect and serve.

What I would ask, instead of just prayers today. I suggest you, everyone take action by bombarding your social media accounts and post everything you see and know about the atrocities concerning these acts that have gone unmentioned for far too long. It was Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement, who one day refused to give up her seat for a white passenger and with that simple act of defiance made it possible for you to not endure such indignities today.

I believe in the power of one. This is a Birmingham, Alabama moment. If each of us do our part in what appears to have all the signs of a movement for justice it will succeed. You and your souls are at risk and the lives of your people too. So if you’ve been harassed, humiliated or disrespected by police or witnessed it stand up for the right to live as your God decreed! You claim love a God, and are Saved, Holy, and Sanctified. Now is the chance to show that you are…


YOU HAVE THE POWER OF ONE!  And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Eric Garner: Thousands Turn Out For Rally Over NYPD Chokehold Killing

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The Rev. Herbert Daughtry told the church crowd: “This is a Birmingham, Alabama, moment!” He asked for anyone who had been harassed, humiliated or disrespected by police to stand up.

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Eric Garner Rally

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands of people expressing grief, anger and hope for a better future marched peacefully through Staten Island on Saturday to protest the chokehold death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer.

The afternoon rally and march was led by the Rev. Al Sharpton and relatives of Eric Garner, who died July 17 after a New York Police Department officer took him to the ground with a banned tactic in a confrontation captured on video.

The marchers started near a makeshift memorial of flowers, signs and candles set up where Garner was wrestled down and handcuffed. They carried a banner: “We Will Not Go Back, March for Justice.”

Police estimated at least 2,500 people had taken to the streets. The crowd included representatives of the United Federation of Teachers and members of the Society of Friends, also known as Quakers. City Council Speaker Melissa…

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