The Deception of Reality Expressed

Every once in a while, not often, I run out of words; whereas there are so many lies and damn lies being told by the “New Good Ol’ Boys” on the right that is so other worldly that it’s appalling!

The staged-planned love-fest held this week in Tampa was one of those times where I saw the faces of George Wallace, Bull Connor, Nixon, Reagan, both Bush’s, and David Duke at the podium. The misrepresentation’s of this mythical place they call America was so shameful that the current Klan would make the aforementioned look like girl scouts.

The elephant in the room, excuse the pun, or not, was that the real issue we face is the “Greedy v the Needy” or the “99ners v the 1%”! The America system has always been designed to have a permanent underclass and when that is threatened – well they will import a group to serve as such. Now, it is the poor and this group is growing! Maybe the conventions slogan instead of “We Built It” should have been “JUST US”.  And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

I found this clip where a panel hosted by Melisa Harris-Perry was reflected what I viewed as reality in a profound way and I want to say “Great Job”.

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