Ebola: A Sanity Resistant Strain Of Fear

10390001_638987229516770_7491320496780886258_nThere are conspiracy theories abound in America, maybe it’s because the way history is told and perhaps the often low knowledge level of truth in general could be the reason. I say this with respect and suggest that one simply need to go to the library, and you will see that is where all the “lies are buried”.

Some of the most daunting and commonly known conspiracies would be of course the “Illuminati”, the JFK Assassination, and the New World Order. I’ll stop short of adding the current never ending wars started for profit as part of it because everything about these wars is simply a lie. Therefore, I would suggest that almost all conspiracies have on some level a hint of truth.

Conscience is an interesting component of the human mind. Usually, when a person has done wrong or harbors evil is the driver of fear. This is what we see as America is in a panic about Ebola when, in fact, there have only been two people [we know of] in the America to contract it. In fact, we cannot cure the common cold nor cancer so there is not much optimism here. Therefore, in light of what has occurred at the Dallas Hospital shows that the medical system cannot handle one patient – let alone solve the problem. So why should we trust anything the medical apparitions might tell us.

I remember when the HIV/AIDS crisis appeared, it was suggested that it was a man made created disease. I have seen documentaries about American companies using the African continent as a breeding ground to experiment and test drugs. We know, as a fact that America has done this before with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments on black people in America and similar experiments in South America. So is it out of the realm of possibility that Ebola could one such experiment gone wrong?

A more sinister thought might be something as simple as the genocide of people thought to not count or be worthy of life. I have read about concentration camps being readied in America for something and the storing of coffins numbering in the thousands – maybe the Ebola crisis is the perfect cover for the use of putting people in them. I am one who believes, if you follow the money you will get the real answer to the question at hand.

What got me to thinking about the latest fear was an article written by Dave Hodges at The Commonsense Show website who published a detailed article on the ownership of Ebola vaccines.

In an article entitled The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near, Hodges “follows the money” and reveals how Ebola vaccines would financially benefit both the CDC and wealthy drug companies. Perhaps, we should ask Bill Gates why he is donating $50 million to the UN and the CDC in the name of fighting Ebola. The CDC has partners in the fight against Ebola, namely, Crucell, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and, of course, Bill and Melinda Gates. Why does the CDC need to own the patent on Ebola?

Sadly, it’s not all that surprising that the political fringes are trying to exploit this major public health crisis because they see big money in it. Misinformation and politics may seem silly, but fear drives the cause of such a mission. It’s easy to just shake your head and laugh off conspiracy theories, but to that point – confusion around a virus that doesn’t have a cure and doesn’t seem to be slowing down – panics people. I don’t know when the last time you may have sought medical treatment in a hospital, but I can tell you the last time I did – it was the most God offal experience I can recall and I am a veteran of war.

From the perspective of race, the conspiracy theory drumbeat is scarier and dare I say plausible because black people and people of color have been the object of such; knowing it has been done before. There was once a time when Small Pox’s was put into blankets and given to Native America’s. With regard to concentration camps, America has also done that before.

Is quarantine next on the horizon for anyone suspected or presumed infected? Lastly, if this crisis is as dangerous and pervasive as we are told. Why is it that they resist what is commonly known as “Obama Care” or spend a billion dollars a day on a war in Arabia that it cannot win? Just saying! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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