Ferguson Ground Zero: Eruption In The Heartland

007_1000As we move closer to the announcement from the Grand Jury charged with making the decision whether or not to charge police officer, Daren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson last August. Most black people and dare I say almost people realize the fix is in; meaning no charges will be filed. Hence, the nation is on the edge, and frankly at a crossroad leading the system to prepare for war. We know what the Gestapo like police tactics are and capable of because we saw the heavy-handed approach taken immediately after the killing.

A few days ago, the Governor of Missouri held a news conference beginning with “To all Missourians, to people around the country and around the world, we are going to keep this region safe.” He was flanked by officials of several local police departments that will be on guard against any potential violence he said. The way I see it, they have had time to replenish their armaments, prepare a battle plan, and mobilize resources. To that end, it appeared as if he drew a line in the sand or as he put it “rules of engagement”.

He warned: “Those who cross the line into violence will face consequences … The National Guard will be available if needed and a unified command of state, St. Louis city and St. Louis County police will provide security for protests… That ugliness (seen in August) was not representative of Missouri, and it cannot be repeated”.

It is important to remember that it was in Missouri that the Dred Scott decision became law of the land as a result of the Supreme Court ruling called the Dred Scott Decision, which said, “There are no rights a Negro has that a white man is bound to respect”. This coupled with what was written in the Constitution that a Negro is 3/5ths human. This Civil War mentality that many seem to continue to fight and the concept of White Supremacy with regard to America’s race problem. Notwithstanding, the Apartheid and Jim Crow era polices that continue – the atmosphere is ripe for an explosion.

Of course, we know for sure that America has been in this posture since the day Africans were dragged onto the shores of America. But let’s go back just a few generations the Black Panther Party was born out of this type of strife and brutality from the police against black people. With each generation since Nat Turner the pain from the abuse has built up, simmering, but this time it may have come to a boil to the point where it may erupt more vociferously than at any other time in history. The feeling is – enough is enough!

43As heartbreaking and dangerous as this is for people of color, black men in particular, at that the hands of the police/system operating under cover of law the outcome is obvious. Cops are always justified in a killing no matter how outrageous. It’s called the “I feared for my life” defense. This defense is universally invoked and accepted by prosecutors to reject any call for a prosecution.

Missouri law has gone even further and virtually codified that defense for a dubious shooting of a suspect into law. The statute states that an officer can use deadly force in cases when “he or she reasonably believes that such deadly force is necessary to protect himself,” “when he reasonably believes that such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest” and when the subject “may otherwise endanger life or inflict serious physical injury unless arrested without delay.”

I am in no way a prophet but the fuse has been burning for a longtime, and this time might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can see that, like all other cases of police brutality, the fix is in and when no charges are brought against the killer – it is going to be an eruption unlike any rebellion in history. All over the world; from Egypt to China to South America rebellions are occurring because of wicked, unjust, and corrupt government’s mistreatment of its citizens.

In the past, they have called upon the clergy or a group of handpicked, chicken picking black people paid by them to come in to quell any unrest singing “We Shall Overcome” but this strategy may not work this time. Most people of color living today and can see that Dr. King’s dream that is so heavily promoted in these situations is not a dream, rather a nightmare. Maybe the radicals of the 1960s did not go far enough. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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