The GOP’s Black Mad Men


I am a huge fan of America’s favorite past time. You know the game, as they say “happens every spring”. The same could well be said about politics and the conservative’s never ending quest to find some Negro to be virtually the black face of their party. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly acceptable for any American to partake and join any political party they desire. We’ve seen a long list of black republicans come along who share the values of the extreme. Are they opportunist or are they what the Grio calls them – “The GOP’s black mad men”.

I would not dare compare or reference any of them to the character in the novel Uncle Tom’s cabin because he was actually the hero of the story. Let me just say that all of these intelligent men must be aware the black people still do not have the permanent right to vote and the Supreme Court weaken the Voting Rights Bill. I won’t get into either of those now, but every so many year congress has to reauthorize our right to vote and it was last done in 2006. 

One of these so-called republicans a few years ago, remember Mr. 999, preached to black people that they should pull yourselves up by your boot straps! Well sir that is a very difficult thing to do when you don’t have boots. I use this example to express shame on them because the black man who has done just that is maligned for doing just what he suggests.  

I am not going to go back too far because history has shown that there has always been black people in two camps according to Malcolm X. There were the house Negro and the field Negro. To some this may be difficult to understand but the house Negro was someone so loyal to his owner; the slave master that he had no sense of logic and his devotion was insane. On the hand, the field Negro was whipped, raped, beaten, and treated no different than an animal.  

If I could say to them, respectfully, African American’s were not granted any semblance of civil rights until 1965 and that was 100 years after it was suppose to have been granted after the Civil War. Let me add another piece of history; because the voting rights of each of these black republicans remain suspect. I wonder if they are aware that the Constitution still says each of them are 3/5 a man! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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