What If The Killing In Ferguson Was Reversed

2Since the MURDER of Trayvon Martin, there have been countless killings of black men called justified or so say the law. Many of which were done under cover of law, which means the police had no real reason to brutalize or kill – even when most were unarmed. The occupying forces that dominate black communities are out of control and black communities have been saying this since the era of lynchings; where thousands of black people were lynched for sport or entertainment. The pain of all of this is that nothing was done then, and nothing is being done now with the modern day version of it.

I had a conversation a few days ago with a white friend who said, “It is wrong for the people of Ferguson to riot if Wilson is not indicted. He was just doing his job. Dr. King would not want that.” He seemed shocked when I told him that Dr. King marched, and marching is a strategy, not a result. He seemed shocked when I asked him should the cop have killed this young man, even if his crime was only shoplifting. Of course, his response was predictable; “What about black on black crime. There is no outrage about that.” Reminding him that YES there is!

Anyway, after the conversation I started wondering. In the last hundred days, there has been an elephant in the room that nobody has mentioned, talked about or seemed to notice. Suppose the young man killed was a white kid or a white Jewish kid and the shooter was a black policeman?

Here is the situation in reverse:

A young white kid was walking down the street. A black policeman approaches him and tells him to get the F**k out of the street. The cop pulls off, then backs up, a confrontation occurs, shots were fired with several white neighbors witnessing it. The black cop exist the vehicle and begin to fire on the unarmed white kid running away a dozen times and hits him seven times killing him.

First, have you ever heard of a black policeman shooting down a white person? Not never! With that said, what do you think would have happened to the black cop? Would it take more than a hundred days to determine whether charges are filed? NO! Justice, as they see it, would be swift, the white community would be outraged, and none of what we see in the Michael Brown’s case would happen. So why then, under these circumstances, would they not expect outrage?

In my view, everyone in America can see and know that there are two systems of justice. Black people without question know this truth because for four-hundred years it has been inflected upon people of African descent. I will remind you of what the great Richard Pryor said, when it comes to justice – what we find is just-us! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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