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012_1000There is no secret that such a thing as white privilege exists and it is thoroughly rooted in the core of America’s spirit. From its foundation it was designed as such based upon the slave-holding founders, who stole the land to build a nation on the backs of people they captured. The only people who won’t acknowledge this truth are those who have and do benefit from this system. I hear black people talking about “our” country this and “our” country that – sounds insane – right. This was never “our” country nor was it intended to be! Again, this is no secret. They told us in the Constitution that all of the captured people are 3/5ths human and have no right a white man is bound to respect.

Some years ago, we saw twelve or more cops beat Rodney King within an inch of his life on video. They told us don’t believe what you saw. Rodney did that to himself and there was more going on that the video did not show. The police, LAPD the most feared and corrupted cops in all the free world said, we investigated and there is nothing to see here. Following that some district attorney brought charges, had a sham trial, and acquitted the culprits. Case Closed!

A few days ago, history repeated itself in the Eric Garner case. Right out of the same playbook. Only this time they told America don’t believe you’re lying eyes. All the while telling America “our country values equality of all races; that our laws and policing are color blind in their practice; that the efforts of politicians, business leaders and clergy are sincerely geared towards serving all the people; and that America is steadily progressing on the path towards a “more perfect union.”

Think about this and maybe you will understand the depth of the problem. The police union head said Pantaleo “is literally, literally an Eagle Scout, and I think that story isn’t being told. That a New York City police officer went out and did a difficult job, a job where there’s no script, and sometimes with that, a tragedy comes.”

The disturbing part, for me, was everybody in New York City who wears their collar turned backwards was put up to shut up the black people quoting Dr. King – non-violence. I understand, that is also in the playbook. I saw more black people on television saying what they were told to say, since Black History Month. But in the streets this time is different! All races and creeds are protesting as they can see the inhumanity of this man’s death and the repeated killings by the police.

It is sorta like the War on Drugs; they brought it into and infected black communities all over the nation, arrested millions, and then said its time to decriminalize it; because the problem is now so pervasive in white communities affecting their children. Make no mistake, if five to seven black cops did what was done to Mr. Gardner to a white man or white Jewish man. Every one of them would be hung publicly in Time Squire!!! I might add that young white people were not affected by the policy of “Stop and Frisk” as were brown and black people were. To that point, white American’s scoff at the notion of such indignities.

There is a twitter hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite that documents story after story of whites, who suffered no criminal consequences after engaging in behavior far worse than selling loose cigarettes. It is past time that we admit what so many have known for too long. That all too often, our justice system simply is not just and is blind. Maybe it’s time for everybody to stop being so self-righteously blind and deal with the truth. You eyes are not lying! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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