On The Shoulders Of Giants

1004795_10201334073855180_857894681_nIn a week or so America will celebrate Black History Month. This annual celebration of the contributions African American’s have made to the history of America and the World. Many may be shocked that I say this but honestly, “it is nothing more than a sham”. It is designed to tell black people what was erased from their consciousness throughout American history, which I like to call “His-Story.”

I would argue that when the African was taken from Africa and a new race was created called a Negro with the history of Africa, and its people left on the continent. Frankly, it was little more than a hundred year were people of African descent were given a certificate of birth. What was used was a “bill of sale”. For this reason, everything we know and were told is a whitewashed version of the truth; in other words a lie!

During this month, they highlight names of about ten that they have rewritten their stories to fit a narrative that appeals to them. Rarely, is Demark Vassey or Nate Turner part of the conversation or discussion. Also, never mentioned is any talk or discussion of Reparations or equal justice for black people who have been and continue to face terror daily. Some say the police are out of control or overly aggressive – “I say they are doing what they were designed and created to do!” Protect and Serve is not their mission, rather to occupy!

This is not a new phenomenon that started in Ferguson the many killings recently. It dates back to the slave catchers and beyond. I am sure you remember the regular lynching’s of the past, like the recent killing that occurred weekly! Let me remind you, the problem was equally as bad in as bad in the early twentieth century and the 1960s, and the primary reason the Black Panther Party was founded to address, in part, the terror at the hands of the police upon citizens in black communities. The reaction to the group was extermination and more terror coming from the top law enforcement agency and its director through what was called COINTELPRO!

We cannot continue to allow “them” to direct the narrative of who they want us to be or know. It has been far too long that black people have allowed others to define who we are and shape our minds in their image. In addition, this system of injustice was stated in the Constitution that black people were never intended to be citizens – upheld and confirmed by the Dred Scott Decision and Plessey v Ferguson.

The point of this writing is to ask that you look deeper into the history of black people this month and teach the children that there were more than five or six black people of significance in our history. You have heard the saying “Reach One – Teach One”. Well, it’s your responsibility to teach your children that we stand on the shoulders of giants. In addition, they must understand that they must replace the fallen in order to fight the forces of evils determined to eliminate an entire race of people. Black History is American History! I might be proud and say it’s true, if only we were viewed as American’s! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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