Barack And A Hard Place

1aWhen I look back, history shows all of the other presidents have done things far worse than the allegations made by the modern day right-wing zealots against this president. Let’s me state for the record; he took over an administration and inherited the office from the worst president of all forty-three before him. I will state for the record based on “their” statistics this president has done a superb job compared to his predecessor.

Frankly, they never thought he would be elected as president of these United States in the first place. To that point, they did get the safest black man on the planet! Let’s face it, if he had done anything wrong – they would have known it and acted swiftly! Just imagine the last guy was so bad white folks elected a black man to be president and just think about how history will view the man who lost to him.

These folks have disrespected and maligned President Obama from his very first day in office. If you listen to them, this president is lawless, not an American, and some compare him to Hitler! They have invented and imagined every action proposed or made every action a scandal to which people of a certain ilk – buy into it. Why – because the color of his skin. I am old enough to have witnessed several presidents and and most were horrible. I also know a little about history and the lies they have told us about the rest of them.

We can start at the beginning with the so-called founding fathers. They stole the land that is what we now call America, annihilated the native population, owned slaves and just about every president up to Lincoln did own slaves. I don’t think I need to remind anyone how history was written to suit the needs of His-Story, like the Alamo and Custer’s Last stand. Both were clear fabrications of what actually happen. Therefore, it is fair to say that much of what we have ever been told is doubtful at best.

The POW swap is their latest campaign to smear the president. I heard one Republican say, “What the president did was unconscionable, and no other president has ever negotiated with terrorist”. I will only remind him of “Iran Contra” not too many years ago, when Reagan not only traded favors for hostages but also sold that country arms to support the regime. He, then used the proceeds to fund a rebel operation in another country – South America. Yet, they hailed that president as one of the greatest presidents. On top of that many involved received felony convictions and about twenty-six top members of the administration were sent to jail. Including the Attorney General and there was no talk of impeachment.

They talk about the IRS, Benghazi, his birth certificate, fast and furious, and how he ties his shoes. Now that he brought a POW home from the war the last administration presented false information to start. He is labeled a traitor! What I find shocking, no appalling, is that McCain, who was a prisoner himself and pardoned for his actions as such, stood so strongly in opposition. To call this hypocrisy is an understatement! And if you didn’t know, Nixon pardoned him allegedly for aid and comfort to the enemy. I don’t even want to get started with Nixon “I am not a crook” and his presidency!

Just imagine how much better things would be if they were not fighting the president on everything! No, instead they say he’s “lawless” and a socialist. I wonder how “His-Story” will write his history as president. It appears there want an asterisk by his name to imply regardless of anything thing he did as president is minimal and that he was not really the President. This clearly puts him between a Barack and a hard place! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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