We Will Never Forget

slave image

The history of America’s past is an ominous one that is not as nostalgic as some would have you believe, particularly for the descendants of those stolen from Africa. Those scares continue to impact people viewed as a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality. In spite of having a black president, African American’s today are still viewed as “less than” those of the other hue. In fact, all other people! It has been said that history often repeats itself. If this is true could this happen again?

In today’s world, there are conservatives and religious zealots, who in the name of patriotism or God, surely would propose the return of this amoral system. The foundation of America was built on the premise of “Manifest Destiny”, which means God himself decreed that the land and the people on it are the domain of people of European descent. There could one-day appear a man, from a religion or have an ideology, which could be president and return minorities to slave status – it could happen! When you consider the possibility of having this man with a Supreme Court on his side, possibly 7 – 2; it is a scary thought.

Slavery was supposed to have ended one-hundred fifty years ago, which was followed by Jim Crow and then segregation. So I would argue that there has been a continued effort for them to “take our country back”, as we hear so often, which simply means “back to slavery”. They want us to not forget 911 and the Holocaust – we will not forget what they did to our ancestors! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

View the video and learn, but never forget! 


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