Politics 2016 All Aboard

007_1000I have witnessed the appalling darker angels of America’s past from the segregation era  to the present. Today, we can see that there are wretched people who have no problem beating, killing, or suppressing the votes of black people. When in fact, the oppressed merely want to be treated fairly and receive the most basic human rights, which is to live.

This brings me to the new or maybe not so new brand of GOP candidates, who are positioning themselves for a seat in the clown car. Let’s call them the 21st Century Citizens Council. A few days ago, the Cruz Missile, a weapon of mass destruction was the first to  announce that he is running for president but not alone in his thinking. There is a potential candidate under indictment; another soon to be; a couple under investigation; a preacher and my personal favorite a head doctor that has lost his mind.

All of them speak of leading the party of ideals or do they mean ideas. However, so far, I have yet to see anything other than an intent to relive the past, rave and insult America’s Commander in Chief, and repeal Obamacare; there is nothing ideal about it. We have a long sorted history to demonstrate what type of ideals they speak that is rooted in the notion that having a black man as president of America is lawless. Actually, his election was the most significant event to happen since the resurrection of “Jesus”. No one living or dead ever thought America (with its horrible racial history) would EVER elect a black man President; not once but twice.

We will see in the coming election that we will get more of the same; possibly even a Bush and a Clinton face-off to be the next president. Did you know that since 1972 a Bush has been holding office of president, vice president, or running for that office? Actually, a Bush has been influencing policy since Prescott in the 1940s. Worth noting, their policies have been harmful and when speaking of the last one; his reign was an utter disaster! Unless, you were one of them, which means they benefited greatly from a war based on lies that have lasted for thirteen years.

Now, for all of you who want to believe the candidates to come from the right will do anything different. I suggest you just look at the actions of both the House and Senate! Watch and listen to the language from those who get in the clowns car as it begin to fill. You will see that as much as things change – they stay the same. The Bush clan is being resurrected as relevant; Rove, Cheney, and the entire Bush family rallying to support this man who claims to be his own man, while relying upon the same folk from the past. From what I hear, the message is continue the wars, more wars, and rob the poor.

When I think about how these so-called real America tries to impose their will upon others through legislation. The mentality of these war mongers ready to see young people die is frightening. I asked myself how can these hawks, the Grand Ol Party (GOP), who are fervently Christian and believe in the right to life are so strongly in support wars. War mean one thing – money and has nothing to do with freedom.

Some talk about secession, calling for a new Civil War, waking a sleeping giant, questioning the president’s birth and faith, people bringing guns to his rallies while knowing this countries horrible history of assignations, as he lives with a disturbing agency protecting the president. This president has been called a Nazi, a Socialist, and frankly everything but the “N-word”. The answer might be because an elephant has a brain the size of a peanut.

Frankly, it is hard to find fault in what this president has done during his terms, unlike the last guy. He brought the country back from the abyss unless and one could say saved the Republic. I don’t speak for the African American community or anyone – but me. I have lived through and witnessed bigotry via segregation and Jim Crow. What I see today from this bunch is not too different than those who came before them! It is going to be a long year. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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