Single Kentucky Woman Attacked By Off-Duty


In a life, a person will experience “mountains, milestones, and valleys” to which there are periods when things go well. Then there are times when in the blink of an eye, something occurs that will turn a life upside down – irrevocably changing it forever. This was exactly what happened to a Kentucky woman trying to make it home late one evening, returning from a sad occasion, when a police officer brutally attacked her.

Antwynette Houston, a mother of two and a nursing student, horrific nightmare made local news and since her attack, she has bravely held rallies against police brutality in Louisville, Kentucky. She wants the community to be aware that such incidents don’t just happen in Ferguson or New York, but all over America. It happened to her, and it can happen to you regardless of you social status. You only need to be black and interact with the wrong policeman.

Houston claims to have been assaulted by an off-duty officer while at a gas station because the officer did not like how she parked her car. On the night in question, she pulled up at a local convenience store near her home. She was approached by off-duty officer Scott Sturgeon, who confronted her about how she parked her car. According to the police report, Houston first parked in a handicap space without realizing it, and then moved her car to another space when Sturgeon told her to move it. When Houston moved her car, Sturgeon was not satisfied because the car was allegedly crooked, and touching the painted line on one side of the parking space.


Next, Sturgeon became more aggressive with her; accusing her of being drunk and demanding her ID. Houston being suspicious, not knowing if he was a cop because he was not in a police vehicle. She was extremely fearful of this man because of his aggressiveness and size, 300 plus pounds, the lateness of the hour and his failure to show her identification or his badge. The single mother was alone that night with only her nine-year-old son sleep in the car. The officer continued to be aggressive and wouldn’t allow her to enter the store.

After the officer started accusing her of being drunk to which Houston had not had anything to drink that evening. She volunteered to take a breathalyzer test, in fact, three-times explaining that she doesn’t drink. Adding, that her son was in the backseat. Still, the officer refused to give her a test and seemed to not care about the child. Feeling more threatened, she asked for other uniformed officers to assist.

She explained to the officer before walking to her car that she wanted to wait for other officers to arrive. When he refused to call, she got into her car and called 911 herself to request other police officers to ensure her safety. She informed the off-duty officer she was going to wait for other officers to arrive after the 911 call because she was afraid of him.

While on the phone with the police, the off-duty officer opened her car door and snatched her out by her arm and proceeded to handcuff her. Her son was in the car screaming, and so was she but the officer did not stop. He purposely pulled her arm as hard as he could as she told him she had surgery on that same arm a year ago. The officer proceeded to threaten her while dragging her to his personal vehicle. He placed her under arrest and threatened her with a litany of charges. Twelve other officers soon arrived. In the end, she was given a parking citation, which was later dismissed. Now injured, she was released and told she was free to go.


Her shoulder was completely separated as a result of his actions and aggravating her past injury. To date, she has had one surgery and extensive therapy for almost a year. She recently found out that she needs another surgery, which is a stability surgery because her shoulder now won’t stay in place. In addition, she requires other procedures resulting from nerve damage and leaving her with “severe and permanent” injuries to the victim’s neck, back, and left shoulder. She has been handicapped and virtually disabled since the attack. Walking has become difficult due to pain in her shoulder, neck and back.

The attack occurred late in the summer of 2013, and she is not close to being fully recovered from the injuries caused by the assault. She says that she suffers constant nightmares, as a result of the attack. In addition, the physical injuries sustained has kept her out of work for over a year. Recently, after security camera footage of the incident surfaced; the police department investigated officer Scott Sturgeon and while he was formally reprimanded. He was exonerated of excessive force charges. Houston has since filed a civil suit against the officer and the city.

At present, she can no longer use her left arm, lost nearly everything she owns since she cannot work or finish school because of constant pain and the inability to use her arm. She has not been able to earn an income since Aug 2013; forced to leave her home and sell most of its contents due to lack of income. This next surgery and all other medical bills, travel expenses, and legal fees will have to pay out of pocket.

A support page and a corresponding account is linked directly to her and in her name. Everything said can be verified. If you Google her name you can obtain more information, see the video news coverage or you can visit her Facebook page to see everything. This horrific event was every woman’s nightmare. At present, she needs help as she fights for justice.

She welcomes your SUPPORT and if you can help; any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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