As we travel this journey called life – each of us will endure mountain, milestones, and valleys. Most of us have become an “Opera Periode”, which is a definition that describe who most of us have become. If you are unaware of what I mean by that; it’s a character in an Italian opera, who entertains so many and puts on a happy face for the audience and the world to see. Yet, inside this character is tormented and lives a life of pain. Maybe Smokey Robinson said it best; it’s like the tears of a clown.

I am reminded of Pharaoh, who held his people in bondage for centuries. Then came, a black man, whose name was Moses, who fought Pharaoh to let his people go. Yes, his people were slaves and to be a slave one must be mentally conditioned to accept that condition. I use this metaphor because far too many of us await someone to come and take us away from the modern day Pharaoh. Many people and African American’s, in particular, think it’s Obama. I am as proud and honored as anyone for him and his accomplishments but “he is not our savior”. Our Savior rests within our soul!

There are about 1500 different religions and every one of them teach that a man will come to free us or as the good reverend might say “deliver us from evil”. I am here to tell you no one is coming! Power is never given – it is always taken as a result of the spirit and free will that comes from your heart. If we are to be free, it must come from what was given at birth. To make it plain, “free your mind and you soul will rest”.

Let me remind you of the universal law, every woman who bores a child do so in fainting and in pain to produce a life thought the vassal of her womb from which her spirit. It doesn’t matter; rich or poor; black or white; Latin or Chinese; learned or unlearned! When that baby cry, it is a universal language that everyone human regardless of the language one speaks, everybody knows what that baby needs. This law makes us all equal from birth.

We forget that we come into this strange place with nothing and we spend all the time we have in this life trying to obtain “things”. Things are worthless, but life is priceless because you will, for certain, not take any of those “things” with you when you leave this world. Going back to the story that has been so distorted, neither Jesus nor Moses is coming! You are the one who must face what they tell us is a Day of Judgment. You will have to atone for the gift of life given to you. When you stand in judgment will God, Allah, or our creator be happy with the work you’ve done?

Maybe this might sound biblical but it isn’t my intention. Rather, just saying in my way – don’t leave this world backward the way you did when you came here. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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