The Race Card

200_1000theThe phrase “N-Word” was created by white folks to be able to use the word “nigger” publicly and directed toward black people to minimized, and make it appear as if they are not bigots. Factually, when they use the language of their fathers, they want black people to think of them as being more decent and not bigoted. I am sure you have heard the commonly used remark – “I’ve got black friends” but dare not use that forbidden word directed at a black person.

This invented term alleges that someone has deliberately and falsely accused another person of being a racist in order to gain some sort of advantage. The term entered the lexicon of American dogma during the O. J. Simpson murder trial. It was coined when critics accused the defense of “playing the race card” in presenting Mark Fuhrman’s past recorded use of the word “nigger” in the trial for being accused of tampering with murder evidence in prior cases. To avoid being viewed as a racist, Fuhrman used the Fifth Amendment to avoid potential self-incrimination upon questioning as a reason not to destroy his credibility as a witness. In other words, to attempt to appear credible.

However, the purpose of the term race card is used to exploit prejudice against black people for political or some other advantage. The use of the southern strategy by bigoted political candidate is a version of playing the race card in reverse. For example, when former Senator Jesse Helms use of it during his 1990 Republican Senate campaign. He ran an ad showing a black man taking a white man’s job intended as a criticism of the idea of racial quotas. Many people interpreted the ad as trying to play to racist fears among white voters.

Ronald Reagan used it when you used the phrase “welfare queens” in his campaign and so did his vice president poppa Bush when he used the picture of a black murderer to suggest how tough on crime he was by using the image of a black man implying that all black people are criminals. Therefore, it is the whites who use this to accuse others falsely of being a racist to gain an advantage. When in reality it is more likely they are the racist.

Stanford professor Richard Thompson Ford has argued that the race card can be played independent of the person making the claim, or the race in question. An example cited was the Hillary Clinton campaign claiming that Obama won the 2008 Democratic Primary in South Carolina due to the disproportionate number of black registered Democrats in the state, implying more racism in the general population. George Dei in the book Playing the Race Card argues that the term itself is a rhetorical device created by white folk to use in an effort to devalue and minimize claims of racism.

Understand “N-Word” is a code for using the word “nigger”. Now, since everyone knows it. White folk are in essence using “nigger” and feel comfortable doing so when they say N-Word. We know white people use it amongst themselves and teach their children to know what it means. So it could be said, it is a way to live their father’s sin.

News flash – black people know you use the word “nigger” and understand why you do. It’s no secret! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

This is a MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

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6 responses to “The Race Card

  • Glenn (freedom of movement) Robinson @getgln

    My dad actually said the N-word out loud the old fashioned way when talking about the word. I just about had a heart attack. Then I said, ‘DAD! You can not say that! You have to say ‘N-word’ instead’.

    PS – have you seen Michele Norris’ Race Card Project ?


  • Mr. Militant Negro

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  • Dr. Rex

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    The “new” lexicon!!


  • Mavadelo

    As a Dutchman I have not seen the implications this word has on people simply because we don’t use ENglish. However of course we have similar words for it and there has always been the debate on what is seen as offensive and what not

    I pride myself in being a person that is not (actually “as least as possible) racist. (imo everybody is a little bit racist at times) and this poses me with a problem. When talking with people or about people you want to address them in a proper and polite way but how to “denote” someone if the situation calls for it. Do I say “a black man” because I know there are people that find it offensive. Do I use “Neger” (the Dutch word for Negro), but some people find that similar to “Nigger”. If I use “people of color/colored people I have the same problem.

    I guess it goes the same the other way around. Some will see “whites” as offensive , others paleface or whatever. I tend to think and believe that we are all “just people” but there are situations that people just doesn’t cut it.

    Not sure if I am making sense, I hope I do


    • Glenn (freedom of movement) Robinson @getgln

      In the U.S. Black and African-American are common and widely accepted.

      Black is more inclusive and is associated with, Black is Beautiful, and #BlackLivesMatter

      When speaking (in the US), most will say Black. When writing,
      African-American is often used and the majority of the population has a more positive opinion of the term African-American over Black.

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  • Glenn (freedom of movement) Robinson @getgln

    And here is Dr. Yaba Blay’s take on Black vs. African-American

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