The War On Black Men

1102During the last fifty years, there have been a war on poverty, the war on drugs, and the war on terror – all have failed. As a result of recent horrific hostile events involving the police and their despicable actions, it is apparent that the war on black men is real and ongoing. We can go back to the 1960s and see video where the same behavior was exhibit violently upon black people in the streets by the police. If you cannot Goggle Bull Connor!

These killings at the hands of the police and the blatant manner of the killings are nothing more than state sponsored terror. I say that because there is no attempt by the people we vote for or pay to stop it. Rather, it is encouraged for the reasons of profit. Some of these killings and subsequent attempts to cover up the crimes would make Hitler blush. I say that because like the Nazi’s and their agents were justified by the system was designed to serve that purpose.

For years, black folk have complained and protested about the police and their conduct. “They” blamed black people for using reverse racism, in spite of the fact that these killings are always done by white cops. Let me add that since the slave catchers this has been the way it was supposed to work. If a black cop shot down a white person like a dog, as has been the case so many times as have been done to unarmed black men there would backlash of biblical proportions. For sure there would be murder charges brought against the black cop. No white cops have yet to be convicted of any of these recent murders to date. Some have called them heroes for their demonic actions.

In the news this week, a drone killed ONE white man oversees and there is talk of rebellion and disgrace. Yes, just one white man! Personally, I am sorry that the government killed this man. But when the government claimed it was an accident this was not acceptable. In spite of the fact this guy went to a dangerous place of his own volition. White folk are up in arms but not for the repeated murder of an unarmed black man has brought the same outrage connected to the daily murders of black people.

Cops use despicable language concerning peaceful protesters who they have called lynch mobs. More despicable in every case they blame the black man killed for his death. White folk have sympathy for the killer and the FOP fight vigorously in their support of the killer. For example, the latest case of the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore where he was killed in police custody; they said it is not the cops fault and implied that he broke his own back. If there had been no video; it would be case closed. JUSTIFIED!

In many cases, it’s the same cops who have been involved in other acts of brutality. The city of Baltimore have paid millions to victims of this kind of abuse. Yet, they say there was no wrongdoing on the part of the cops. It is paramount that wherever you are in America keep your cell phone at the ready, use every vehicle at your disposal to share the captured video, and make known any event that you may find. Outrage should be at the forefront of every human being’s mind.

This will not stop until the people stand up more vigorously against this brutal behavior that I believe is criminal. Then these two things happen. First, after such an incident of brutality the cop is no longer allowed to continue receiving pay until he is exonerated or not. Secondly, they know they will be charge and have to be cleared in court like all other citizens on a court docket. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Cases of Extreme Police Brutality and Blatant Misconduct 

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