Property Is Not More Important Than A Life


Every riot that I can recall was the result of bad acts by the police; except those riots initiated by white folks and in those cases the police were participants. In Baltimore, people said don’t burn “your city” and “your community”. Neither is true the people living in that area own and have no say in the community politically or otherwise. These are people from the outside looking in and probably have investments or business interests. The people who live in the affected area live poverty live in utter poverty with more than 50% unemployment with no expectation or escape.

They spend millions on “No Snitching Campaigns”, yet do not ask those who hide behind the badge to do the same to report the bad actors on the force. I read a report that said the people living in this area of NW Baltimore cannot be compared to a third world nation – IT IS WORST! Say what you will but the uprising brought the attention of the world and shamed, I hope, those who neglected them for decades.

The question should be where is the humanity? And that’s my thought provoking perspective…”It seems to me that people are more upset by cars burning and stores being looted than by a man who was senselessly brutalized by someone who was sworn to protect and serve the American public. Unfortunately, Freddie Gray’s death isn’t an isolated incident in that sense. Freddie Gray was stopped by police and literally beaten to death. Where was the national outrage then? Where was everyone saying that violence wasn’t the answer when Gray’s spine was broken on the pavement? Where was everyone then? It seems to me that we as a society place a higher value on property than the lives of our fellow Americans.” James Battle

The question should be where is the humanity? And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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