Over Criminalized

20150420_201208I am one who believes, and history tells us, that the system is designed to protect the system, and the system was created by slave-holding detestable people. Therefore, we have not seen any substantial change in terms of bettering or significantly changing the lives of black people. Not to mention, allowing any sense of equality. As a matter of fact, in America’s sacred Constitution it clearly says black people are 3/5ths human. Further, it is written into law by the Supreme Court, in the Dred Scott Decision, that a black man has “no rights a white man is bound to respect.”

Before I go on, this is the definition of “over criminalized”:

“Over criminalization is the act of imposing unbalanced penalties with no relation to the gravity of the offense committed or the culpability of the wrongdoer. It is the imposition of excessive punishment or sentences without adequate justification. Over criminalization can be considered as an abuse of the criminal justice system.”

In the purest sense of the description, this is exactly what has been imposed on Black America from its beginning until now. Slavery by its nature fits this description. After slavery supposedly ended, prisons were created to be the new source of free labor. Chain gangs were the norm; black people were picked for the silliest and smallest offenses, and put in jail or on work farms – often for life. Let’s not leave out the fact that 1000’s were lynched for minor offenses. By the way, the word “Picnic” came into the American lexicon to express the remembrance of such celebrations. In addition, white folks would take to the streets – “pick a nigger” to lynch for entertainment. YES, just for the fun of it, where in most cases with police involvement.

Consider the current environment where cops or as my granddaddy would say “the pigs” are doing in black communities. Like the slave catcher and overseers of the past they have become judge, jury and executioner. They stand behind the blue wall of silence, lie and cover up the truth to justify their deadly actions, at least until a video surface anyway. At which time the videos tell our eyes what the cops do not. They say, not all cops are bad. I disagree, because those who are supposed to be good know what’s going on and do nothing. If there is one that fails to come forward or snitch on the rotten apples; they are equally as guilty!

Nixon, Reagan, Bush – one and two – played major roles in the over criminalizing through the laws and policies of their day. Just like their predecessors up to Lincoln, all except one or two owned slaves! However, they always come up with and find words to make it appear like some sort of code to disguise the true intent. For example, stop and frisk, broken window, three strikes, etc. Further, in mentioning the four above-mentioned presidents, I left out the one SOME black folks viewed, wrongly, as the first black president Clinton.

Look at it this way, black people make up about 10-12 percent of the population but make up as much as 74% of the prison population. Three out of four black men are under probation or some form of judicial control or monitoring. The reason, as it has always been, is simple, there are more laws imposed upon black people than others. For example, there was a time, not long ago, when black people would be jailed or killed for looking at a white woman or lynched if they married or had relations. But my favorite, “being sarcastic here”, was not getting off the sidewalk when a white person, adult or child, approached.

Doesn’t this sound like Michael Brown – killed for walking in the street? Does it not sound like Freddie Gray, who simply made eye contact with a policeman and ended up with eighty percent of his neck broken? Not long ago, black folk were relegated to table scrapes to eat, shacks to live in, and their jobs were sharecropping where white folk took all the money in the end. Today, right now, in the richest country on the planet black people continue to live a life of poverty and degradation. These are third world conditions!

The problem is this; white people don’t know what to do with us! Everybody else can return to a geographic place of origin or wherever they came from or be deported. They created the so-called Negro as a result of their inhumane and the wretched and ungodly act of slavery. They know they can’t send black people back – they have no idea, nor do we, know where we came from. Therefore, they use this big word – genocide!

They have infected black people with diseases – didn’t work; used black people as guinea pigs – fail to find the answer; will not employ, educate, or give us fair financial consideration created by all of the above. In essence, they are trying to starve to death this group. Lastly, through incarceration and killing black people, they are doing what I call “retro-active abortion” to eliminate the black population. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

Watch this video!!!

Racism Is Real

All of the people were the products of being Criminalized.


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