Politrix: The Clown Car Jokers

982_160We know there are about twenty Republicans running for president, and frankly all of them leave a lot to be desired. One of the candidates is quoted as saying – “If you can’t take a joke don’t run for president.” Maybe he should have said each one that has boarded the clown car is a joke or to be politically correct the absurdity that is the GOP field.

The list is so long that there are concerns they won’t all fit on a debate stage. We might see during this circus juggling, tooting horns, and blowing slide whistles like so many painted performers emerging from a clown car. Let’s be honest, there is little dignity for this bunch trying to break free of the very large gang.

They are all saying they are running because I think the world is falling apart. I agree with them in that sense because it is, and it is because of them. More to the point, it is because of the policies of the last five Republican Presidents going back to Nixon, Reagan, and both Bush’s. I did not include Ford because he was merely a placeholder doing nothing at all during his term.

Compared to this current cast of characters their predecessors look like rock scientists. Let me just recap a few of the early highlights so far. Ted Cruz tried for his 15 minutes of fame by holding the first announcement, which scared us all. Marco Rubio drew thousands to Miami’s Freedom Tower. Mike Huckabee brought in aging crooner Tony Orlando. One day earlier, Ben Carson had a musical extravaganza and released a video putting the candidate in the company of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he would make an announcement in June and “the announcement is going to surprise a lot of people.” No, Donald, it won’t!

The republican primary situation will show to be the most ridiculous as the son and little brother of the Bush’s, Jeb, who struggled for five days to answer a simple question about Iraq. One was so brazen that he declared instead of going to court to deal with American citizens who are terrorists, “I’m gonna call a drone, and we will kill you.” It is very clear all of these people have one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to continue what we know is more of the same – racism, their social issues agenda, more war, taking away rights, and making the rich richer.

If you think the 2008 and 2012 presidential primaries was a joke, I’ll tell you this campaign is going to hilarious! I can’t wait for the circus show to begin. However, if any of these clowns were to win the presidency it will be time to say the Anti-Christ has arrived!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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