Designed Hopelessness


The so-called Negro was created to be a lost people absent of hope and full of despair. Then this group became Black but that was viewed as too radical, and somehow the others identified these people as African Americans. This is in spite of the fact Africans don’t identify themselves as African! They identify themselves based on their place, country, of origin.

The so-called Negro or American Colored person has no idea where he comes from, which is damning! Then couple the false teaching of a religion and conditioning through white supremacy used to imprison their mind. The people of this group have no knowledge of his natural wisdom, cultural or geographic place of origin, which means he is created to be removed and, therefore, lost!

So I say, from the beginning this group was intended and remain a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality. This speaks to the institutions of racism within the context of society that demand the continuation of the system that exists in America. It is because of this system, which has been in existence from the founding of America that has caused the demise of people of color.

Now, let me speak to the concept of leadership: Dr. Carter G. Woodson, who wrote the powerful novel “The Mis-Education of the Negro” in 1933, or there about, challenged his readers to become empowered by doing for themselves. He said:

“Regardless of what we are taught history shows that it does not matter who is in power… those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they did in the beginning.”

I believe, if you can control a man is thinking you never have to worry about what he thinks. I will speak for me, no matter how messed up the world is or the minds of man; I am glad God made me a person of color! We must take responsibility for ourselves because life demands the survival of the fittest, just like in all other parts of the animal kingdom. As a people, we have waited far too long and become much too dependent on those who are in charge of the system and do not have our interests at heart.

Only you can remove the shackles of bondage that mentally remain in many communities and in the minds of man. Malcolm X once said, “We spend too much time singing and not enough time swinging.” Let me be clear, I did not repeat this statement to advocate violence. Rather to suggest that we have spent centuries believing, following, and listening to the messages communicated to us by those who control our destiny – making us believe that there is a better place when we die. I say we have the right to live NOW!

I want to propose an idea that could be the answer to our salvation. There is about 38 – 40 million African Americans living in America. If each person contributed one dollar per week; it would add up to forty million dollars. Multiply that time’s fifty-two weeks; that’s over two trillion dollars annually. We have people who run some of the world’s largest corporations who could manage that money – invest it and make more money and as such many of the problems we face would go away.

Overtime we’ve won some civil rights battles, which should never have had to be fought as human beings. Yet, we still don’t have the necessities we need to survive. So I say, as tenacious beings, it is time for survival and the time is now – if for no other reason than for our children. Everything that ever was began with a single thought. My question to you is; what are you thinking and how much do you know about yourself. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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