A Positive Message For Sunday Morning

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I am of the opinion that everyday above ground is a good day! I woke up today in a spiritual mode with a song in my heart. Notice I did not say a religious mode. I don’t believe the concept of “White Jesus” because it is merely a tool to mentally enslave the minds of man! Every act of genocide has been imposed to tried to eliminate black people  – to no avail. We have been here through it all and survived!

I have said, white folks have lost their minds and are more confused than ever. For example, the biggest story for them is that Bruce Jenner thinks he is a woman continuing to neglect the real human issues of black people. More importantly, this week the biggest story was that a white woman “abandoned” the white race professing to be a black woman. We know the truth and that truth is “black people are not what the media project”.

Therefore, I am sure the angels will rise, say hallelujah, and the choir will sing not “Amazing Grace” but “To Be Young Gifted And Black”!

Let the church as Amen! An that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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