Commentary: Depraved Heart Terrorist

Dylann+Storm+Roof+Nine+Dead+After+Church+Shooting+csBigvCwbUflI have witnessed a lot of history in my life and especially that which comes from the souls of white America and their hatred towards black people. As I watched the news coverage of the horrible South Carolina terrorist massacre on television I wondered how could these white folk be surprised. It seems as if they are oblivious to history when they know acts such as this have permeated their culture from the day they dragged Africans onto the shores of this place the slaves called “merica.”

The shocking part of this whole ordeal is that South Carolina has a long history of racial abuse and trauma upon people of African descent. The first shots fired in the Civil War took place in Fort Sumter leading to five years of carnage. Think about that for a moment; their forefathers, white supremacist, wanted to keep slavery so bad that millions of them died. Now, that is hate!

Since the terrorist attack upon the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church a few days ago I wonder how they can forget the history that I know to be true. The long storied history of this church, which is one of the oldest black congregations in the South. The sins of their fathers must haunt them because they killed Denmark Vesey, one of its members, and many others. They burned the church to the ground to which the members had to meet in secret in the years when black churches were outlawed before the Civil War.

The terrorist told the people he killed, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.” He made a calculated and premeditated decision to execute members of Emanuel AME Church, who were simply engaged in prayer. Of course, they say he was deranged and mentally ill as oppose to the more factual language of terrorist! I know this isn’t going to be a popular post, but this is one day I would hate to be a white person in America. Shame – yes I accuse you of this and the sins of your fathers because you, white America, cast blame on all black people for the wrongdoing of any black person.

Now, National and International news has focused all of its attention on your son who gunned down nine innocent black people in a church during Bible study. All you can say is – he’s a young man whose “crazy” “deranged” “a lost soul” or whatever other pitiful name you can come up with for justification. But the truth of the matter is this young man went into a house of worship with the INTENT to kill black people. I might have been convinced he was a lunatic had he just gone in with his gun blazing and fired off without warning. But he sat down for an hour with other church-goers, had time to think about his actions and reloaded his weapon several times during the massacre.

White America does not want to deal with the so-called white supremacy issue or race. They don’t see it as a problem – for them. I am sure there are some well-meaning white folk who, I’m sure, are OUTRAGED over what happened in South Carolina. But in the same breath they will tell you they don’t think it’s fair to hold them accountable for the actions of their ancestors. But, unless they speak out LOUDLY, BOLDLY AND CLEARLY! You are guilty because you do nothing to change the sins of your fathers. Yes, you are the blame!

As I watched the South Carolina Governor pretended to cry yesterday. I wanted to ask her why the Confederate Flag is not being flown at half mast after the massacre. She knows full-well the firestorm that prejudice, bias and discrimination that message sends and bring to the hearts some members of her race that symbol creates.

Lastly, we see all these white folk hugging and praying with the hurting souls of black people as if we don’t know that the early hours of Sunday morning is the most segregated hours on earth! Oh, let’s not forget the shame of all who sang that old Negro spiritual – “We shall overcome someday”! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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