Live Your Purpose – To Serve

The Confederate Flag issue has drawn the battle lines on the issue of race and bigotry since the assassinations of the nine Mother Emmanuel Church parishioners. Those who hold on to, what they call heritage, know the history of that heritage that was despicable. The flag is an image that represents hate in the same way as Hitler’s swastika laden flag.

This is an important time in history where black people MUST take a stand: police brutality, the murders of black people like dogs, prison full of people of color, and the long list of indignities of the social order. History is a historical clock, if true,  tells a people the historical time. More importantly, history tells a people where they have been and where they still must go. Black people have been fed a study diet of a pack of lies played on the dead, which I call HISTORY!

The Confederate Flag lovers have told and still tell the same lie for a hundred fifty years – and it’s still a lie. It’s been said that there are no words that have not been spoken and no stories that have never been told, but there are some that you cannot forget! It is time that you face the truth concerning the sins of your fathers and admit that slavery the covenanted was the worse crime known to man!

EVERY BLACK PERSON NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED! We MUST resurrect and remember African American history; not your version of it and observe it every day. We MUST also teach the children in order to further our existence and survival which means we MUST learn to communicate the truth with one another. Let me share this profound message from Dr. Martin Luther King that, if taken to heart, will change the world. And that’s my thought Provoking Perspective…

Please listen to the video and make that change.


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