Their Claim To Heritage


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One response to “Their Claim To Heritage

  • Cliff Little

    The lowering of the confederate flag is a smidgen of the beginning of the fight for respect as human Americans, equality and justice for all. The political and racial divide in America is rising to crescendo as we enter the political fray in November of 2016. The fight for equal rights, opportunity and treatment took a turn beginning in 2008 and the threat of Mitch McConnell in 2012 to do everything in his power and the power of his party to ensure that President Obama get nothing accomplished for the rest of his term. Any and everyone knows that the President’s race and color has been the driving force of “the do nothing Congress” during a time when unity and cooperation was critical for the country during this economic recovery. This has left many Americans (especially the poor, the middle class, minorities and Blacks) carrying the burden of economic suffering, loss of values and valuables to the greedy and inhumane hands of the wealthy or 1% for power and political control. Many words, phrases and actions by the perpetrators of indignation will never be forgotten and maybe forgiven but not until equal justice and opportunity is provided for all and by all.


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