The GOP Right-Wing Drumbeat


The drumbeat of the Republican Party’s dogma looms large in this political season as the GOP desperately try to find someone to take “their” country back. The last group that ran for the GOP Republican nomination in 2012 were called clowns but this time – WOW; they have a marching band. We will witness endless debates with the kind of political rhetoric unlike any that I’ve ever seen. Wait a minute; this is going to be the greatest show on earth. At which time America, because of the Republicans, face a greater divide that could approach Armageddon.

When Obama was elected, they were predicting terrorist attacks in the first month of his administration and they would do anything to defeat his agenda’s. Of course, it didn’t happen—but the rhetoric sounds good. One the Republican’s has already said, on the first day, if he is elected, he will take military action against Iran. Stands to reason, if any of these guys were to be president, anyone one of the eighteen clowns running are only interested in war. It seems they want to improve on the disaster that was G.W. Bush.

Mud-throwing is a professional sport in politics. We can see from Trump that he will take that premise to a whole new level. The real question is, how far to the right are the Republicans willing to go? For sure, we can expect their rhetoric of refusing to compliment Obama, on anything, is the only platform on their agenda.

Under Nixon, Reagan and both Bush’s, the nation did what it was asked to do for the national good, which, in fact, was not good for anyone but the rich. The opposite party was asked to tone down the rhetoric for the good of the nation’s morale. But not this time, the KKK and the Tea Party rhetoric, and obstructionism that make no sense will be on center stage.

This time the difference in this election season is that the last crop of pretenders projects their bigotry vaguely in subliminal coded language. This “pool of fools” has no shame in their game. One of these pretenders owned a lodge named “N-Word Head” and he is under indictment. Another had a newsletter that espoused racial hatred so vile that one would think he was the Grand Wizard of the Imperial Knights. Some believe black people were better off during slavery.

Wait there’s more! One of them has publically talked about succession. Another said, get off welfare and get a check. Further, one of these guys actually said; he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act. I can’t leave out the guy who said there is a crisis of culture in urban communities with black men. Who are they talking too or speaking for? I seriously doubt these people would say that about an enemy captured in a time of war.

This language takes me back to a time I thought had long past. This kind of thinking conjures up images of Bull Connor and Strom Thurmond. Let’s face it’s it is possible that the next Commander in Chief might be another Bush, and the thought of this is cause to ask God to bless America. It appears to me from the rhetoric that is being hurled with such distinction that these folks have come from under the hood and taken off the sheets.

Whichever candidate might emerge as the GOP nominee we can be sure they will try to “take back their country”. They WILL DO damage under a cloak of cover and not worry about the law coming for them because they will be the law. So, we are back to the question: How far to the right will the Republicans willing to go?

Moreover, what will they do to for Black people, if elected! I expect a vote to reinstitute slavery. Not one of these clowns has yet to say anything about black issues. And that’s my THOUGHT PROVOKING PERSPECTIVE…

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