I don’t need to retell the story of what happened to black people in this place the slaves called “merica”. We know since August of 1619 people of African descent have been worse than chattel property, slaves, 2nd class “citizens”, and the amoral list goes on and on.

During slavery, we were taught through examples of violence to downplay our children’s accomplishments for fear of calling attention to them and thus making them a target for racial discrimination. For example, knowing how to read was shrouded in secrecy, which had a dramatic effect on self-confidence that we are still paying the price for today.

We have created a form of mental slavery whereby reason is of the abstract. We know slavery was horrible, but we are taught and perpetuate this unlearned behavior every day in subtle and not so subtle ways from that conditioning. They say segregation has ended, which means the horrors of Black Wall Street, American before Brown v Board of Education, Rosewood and frankly all of our American history never existed because of integration. We seem to have forgotten what Malcolm said, “Anywhere south of Canada was South” and by extension caused a separation of unity within the black community.

Let me be clear, integration was necessary to short circuit the INSTITUTIONALIZED system of “separate but equal” but it diluted the focus on economic independence in our communities. Integration simply meant “the illusion of inclusion”. In other words, give the man the vote and make him think he is free!

Therefore, the unintended consequence of this was to further divide our people. Cognitive dissonance is the root of all of this, in my opinion. This conflict in reality coupled with what we are taught has caused far-reaching mental and emotional issues that we do not face or deal with as a people. We fight, blame and mistrust each other because of this and do not focus on the true issues.

At the end of the day, regardless of how we choose to identify ourselves, we are not afforded all of the privileges to which we are entitled in this country. Simply because of our complexion, which is used to divide and compartmentalize black people. Therefore, action is required by the person you see in the mirror and understand that it requires responsibility and unity to do what our forefathers did, which was to continue the species.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are one of the lost souls. Listen to the words delivered in this short video. It is an old speech, but the words and message resonate as clearly as the day they were first spoken. “We can change the world, but first we must change ourselves.” And that is my Thought Provoking Perspective…


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