Blind Faith: God Or Man


I am told some of my posts are sometimes controversial. However, I would disagree and call them truthful expressions from a Thought Provoking Perspective. With that said, not long ago I wrote a couple of pieces titled“Drama in the Church” and one titled “Pimps in the Pulpit”. Both went viral and had the village smoking and my God, pardon the pun, but the good Christian folk promised me a trip to hell on a rocket. One so-called saint said if anyone needs Jesus – it’s me! I responded by simply saying the truth will set you free because what was outlined in both articles were facts and realities straight from the pages of today’s news.

The intent of both of the above mentioned articles and this one too was not to critique the institution of anyone’s faith or directed at black folks in particular. Rather, the false prophets that too many follow blindly while merely pointing out the dangers of who is leading you. Again I say, my words are simply intended to be a Thought Provoking Perspective.

It is common knowledge that black people feel they are holier than thou and no doubt the most religious people on the planet. In fact, black women will out Pope the Pope.  One lady went so far as to call me a “heathen” because of my remarks about the pimps in the pulpit! To that I say, as Jesus said, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

The definition of faith is “believing what is unseen to be true.” In my article, what was stated is public knowledge, reported by the media, and can be seen as fact based because of the crimes committed by some. What I talked about was admitted by the sinner and/or has been investigated and addressed by the legal authorities. When a child is raped, money is stolen, or a wife impregnated; there is nothing Godly there!

When I talked about pastors and leaders having sexual relations and babies with members of the congregation, church shootings, and what seems to be the most egregious and in my view sinful. These people are robbing the church of its soul. Some of these “crooks” have appeared on national television to admit their sins and a plea for forgiveness.

In today’s world, the church has become the gayest place on the planet with many young boys being raped and having sex with the so-call leader. I think from my religion base – this is reprehensible. Now, I don’t know what GOD IS. I will submit that I do know WHAT HE ISN’T. He or she is not going to be happy when some of the people representing him when they meet on Judgment Day.

In these difficult times where racism has raised its ugly head, protesters seeking justice, and a new movement “black lives matter” is afoot. I find it interesting that every chicken picking person of the cloth is paraded before us to pray for peace and more of the same. Have we not learned their interest in Jesus is only that there is a lot of money in his name.

Suppose it was your son molested or you’re wife dishonored. Would you then view it differently? How can we save ourselves, if we expect people such as this to save our souls? The foundation of Jesus’ preaching is supposed to be truth. So I ask; do you believe in GOD or Man? Ask yourself, are these people “False Prophets or Lost Sheppard’s”? Too many leaders of their flocks in the name of GOD can hardly be adored and not embraced on any level. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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