The Facade Of The American Dream

10455671_10203771484181096_2260820563230053916_nThe Facade of the American Dream is a true depiction of the African American experience. It explains how European’s and others removed Africans from their country of origin; took away both their religion and culture. The worked them to death as slaves to build a nation through brainwashing, terror and made believe they are inferior in every aspect.

For example, take any indicator from poverty, education, economics, whatever; just like slavery black America is in a worst position than any other race. Today’s slave catcher known as the police is as brutal and racist as they were at its creation. This is to include their participation in the modern slave system of incarceration called prisons.

You have to beg the question, how can a people be so wretched and cruel to another human being. Both Malcolm and Martin told us that the European is the greatest purveyor of evil on the planet, and his decedents maintain the status today. The attached video will cause you to, hopefully, see our world through our eyes.

They have raped, killed, and brutalized black bodies from that fateful day they dragged our ancestors on to the shores of this country, and they continue to abuse black people in the worst way, still, today! So I will say, they can take my life, they cannot take my soul. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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