The Gun Debate: TOO Many


Today is the day to vote. We’ve heard the candidates talk about everything but gun control. Those who did talk about it said some of the most ridiculous statements on the issue, mostly from the right-wing nuts and some people I thought were reasonable people. A police chief said, “We need more guns in the hands of responsible people.” This simply boggles my mind. Dude, we can’t even trust the police, who are suppose to be responsible and trained in the use of guns. Actually, it should not bother me because remarks such as this are more of the same – more guns less common sense. I am unaware of any statistic that suggests more guns – less crime!

I want to go out on a lamb and say that is exactly the problem; too many guns. We all know that urban communities have been crying out for help concerning the easy access to guns as long as I can remember. It seemed unrealistic for the NRA and others to ignore the problem of gun violence in these communities, which could be viewed as genocide. In fact, all across the nation agencies are reporting that crime is down so in my view a more reasoned approach should be considered.

These same Politian’s who, in my opinion are bought and paid for, have failed to support sensible legislation to address the issue of guns that are designed for war. I heard Chris Rock say that the problem is not the guns, it’s the bullets. It is surely a huge part of the problem especially when a person can buy thousands of rounds of ammunition and no one sees a problem or asks the obvious question; why do you need so much ammo?

Since the horrible shooting at the Sandy Hooks Elementary School and the almost weekly incidence’s MANY places in America are trying to pass laws to allow teachers to bring their guns to class. One such school district passed a law to have the janitors be the first line of defense and plan to give the janitor two days training! These are just two of the most insane options out there, but what makes these so crazy is the parents of the children are not required to be notified.

The problem with more guns and the ease of obtaining them is that we know see each week a tragedy at a school or in some public place resulting from gun violence. Well-funded organizations like the NRA and policies like Stand Your Ground only exacerbate an already untenable problem with no sensible solution to end the carnage.

I am not going to belabor or dignify this type of madness other than to say “INSANE”! I am a veteran who served in the Army during a war and I can tell you that the months of military training does not fully prepare you for that moment when faced with a gun by someone wanting to kill. Moreover, it is not as easy to use a gun when the moment arrives knowing you are going to kill. Last point, once done you have to live with that guilt.

The real reason I wrote this piece because I am discussed at those who compare the right to have guns to the Civil Rights Movement. One nut had the nerve to say that if every person had a gun maybe there would never have been slavery in America. I say, shame on you! To this guy, in case you didn’t know, slaves were considered chattel and not human nor citizens; according to the Constitution they were 3/5th’s human. I wonder if this fool realizes that slaves were captured and brought to this country by force with guns. Laws were passed to deny slaves to remain slaves under threat of a gun.

If you voted today, and I hope you did, I hope you selected candidates that addressed the issue of too many guns and support some form of common sense measure that can address the issue. In addition, those who support demilitarization the police and the callus shootings at the hands of the so-called protectors of the people. If this is not done makes anyone think more guns will protect our children. And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…


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