Feeding The Beast: American Wars


I have been to war and therefore, think I am qualified to address this issue and support my thesis when I say – WAR, what is it good for NOTHING! Most people don’t realize that all but may twenty-five years during America’s entire existence it has been at war, conquering, or fighting someone on the planet. America loves war so much that its bloodiest war was fought against itself. History reports that upon President Eisenhower’s exit from office late in the 1950s; he said, “The biggest threat to our country is the military industrial complex.” This means feeding the beast!

Witnessing President Obama’s speech on America re-engaging and calling for expanding the war in the Middle East – proves Eisenhower’s point. Most of the intelligence apparatus seems to think there is no “imminent threat to the homeland” from this group called ISIS. So why then after the beheading of few white journalists, which is regretful and horrifying, that American blood and treasure must be shed?

Someone responded to one of my articles commenting that she thought I was a “slow prophet” because the stories I write about speak truth. I was surprised because I am not anything of the sort. I simply see things the way they are and know that there is nothing new under the sun. It is just that history repeats itself, and regardless of who is in power, the system is designed to protect the system, which means just as sure as things change; they remain the same. America was stolen by force – war. It is a simple concept based upon power; there have to be poor and weaker people in order for there to be rich and powerful people, and war secures that aim.

The Vietnam War was started because of a lie and so did the wars we’ve been fighting for the last decade or more. Honestly, America has not been victorious in any conflict in over last seventy years; Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any of the smaller conflicts over a half century. So why does this insanity continue? The answer is simple – TO FEED THE BEAST – the military industrial complex!

Fact of the matter, with all of the problems within America economically and the terrible issues facing American citizens, particularly black people, who are seriously neglected – all of those resources need to be at home. But somehow they always find enough money and spend trillions of dollars bombing places that have absolutely nothing to do will America or its issues, and the troops stay there continuing to secure all of the places forever. Therefore, it is fair to say it is not about “freedom,” rather it is about the money made on the death and suffering of those in harm’s way that only benefit the rich.

Currently, America is bombing six countries in the name of freedom with no end in sight. How can America assume any semblance of moral authority when it maims and murders for the benefit of the rich. We listen to the “neo-cons” and the “war hawks”, who want more wars to enrich themselves. While we are on the eve of destruction as they ask for us to support their call for more war. Make no mistake, once again the military industrial complex and their minions are going to make a killing by using the newest boogie man.

It is a SHAME and a DISGRACE that all “they” talk about is the horrors of ISIS occupying and terrorizing their people; yet fail to acknowledge or do anything about the black and minority communities being terrorized and occupied by their own governments and the police. Lastly, black people have fought and died for America in every war, and got nothing for their sacrifice! Frankly, ISIS and Nazi like aggressors are terrorizing me and my people right here in America! So as a black man I ask again, War here or there, what is it good for – nothing!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

This makes a lot of sense – John Stewart on ISIS!

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