Minister Malcolm X: Explains The Job Of The Media

012_1000Malcolm X was murdered in 1965 and at some time before his death, he gave this power powerful message talking about the situation of his day. He was insightful enough to warned black people that those same situation will continue to exist as long as there is an America. As you watch the daily news accounts through any medium – you will see this is true!

Black people are not immigrants, illegal or otherwise, and because the Africans were taken by force from their homeland black people are prisoners of war and have been oppressed prisoners from the day they  landed on the stolen land that is American soil.

Look at how the media handled the Ferguson situation or any other uprising involving black people. They demonize black people or the victim of crimes inflicted upon them. This speech was given over fifty years ago, change the names of some of the places being invaded then to those place of the wars today. It will sound like he was talking in today’s time. He explains what it means when they say “American Interests,” which is coded speech to say in the interest of the white man.

Brother Malcolm told us about the role of the media and how it disguises and creating the facade of the American dream through images, media, statistics, framing, projection, black life vs. white life, reverse racism, and the myth of black on black crime. Nothing has changed!!! The biggest problem is simple; black people expect white America to change their hearts. To you black people, as long as you are silence – know that it is an act of betrayal!!!

The leadership of the 1960s and so many before them were killed, lynched, and put in jail not just to stop them, rather to kill hope. All you need to do is understand history and you will understand the playbook used then and now. I say, you can take my life but you can’t take my soul, which is African by nature! And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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