The Reality Of His-Story


I was born during, lived through and witnessed the era of segregation. Therefore, I know the wretchedness of the horrible blight that is racism. Frankly, it should be a shame for all those so-called good Christian white folk. Maybe that is the reason I look at Christianity knowing what they preach cannot be true. In fact, there are many blacks and whites alike who say racism is a thing of the past and that black people should just “get over it.” That is easier said than done when it, particularly when it is so deeply ingrained in the system or as they say – “it’s the American way”!

The truth is racism never went away in any measurable fashion because slavery birthed Jim Crow and today the child of Jim Crow has grown up to be more wretched than both its predecessors! This wretched child is more sophisticated in his deception and wears a three-piece suit. Although still wearing a smile, James Crow Esq. is more heartless, which we know to be true that he is a cunning and deviant “devil.” I never thought I would say this, but I felt safer during the era of segregation than I do today!

There was a sense of unity back in the day; in spite of the unimaginable conditions imposed upon black people by segregation. Of course, the people who imposed this degradation claimed it in the name of God, usually, and that it was the American “way of life”. I remember when they killed the four little girls in the Birmingham church that Sunday morning. I can also recall how they cheered when the two men who murdered little Emmitt Till were found not guilty. They wrongly electrocuted an innocent 14-year-old black boy and lynched thousands for their entertainment. I even watched as they put dogs on women and children who marched peacefully and today I see unarmed black people shot down like dogs. The fact is there would be more outrage if a dog were killed.

They preached freedom and democracy as they blocked the entrances of schools to deny black people an education that was granted by Brown v Board. In fact, many jurisdictions closed schools entirely. The same people of this ilk denied blacks the right to vote to maintain their supremacy and privilege. This is important to mention because I hear an echo of the same today. We are in spite of what they want us to believe – “we are no better off than we were in 1960”.

There were men like Bull Connor whose excessive exercise of power brutalized children on the street with fire hoses. There was also the shameful and brutal assault on innocent peaceful protesters on Bloody Sunday. There was such ilk as Strom Thurmond, and a nation full of ardent racist believers practicing the ways of Jim Crow. In fact, it was mandatory because it was the law! I would be remised if I left out Gov. George Wallace, who infamously said, “Segregation now and Segregation forever.” All of these men and people like them were hailed as champions of the American way of life as they fought so disparately to maintain a system so inherently wrong and evil.

Yes, as horrendous as their acts were James Crow Esq. did not neglect the sins of his father. He elevated and enhanced them to sustain new forms of institutional racism and genocide in ways that would make Hitler blush. Yes, from organ harvesting, to what amounts to sanctioned killing, sterilizing black people and many other practices designed to cause the demise of black people. No-No racism is not dead; it is more dastardly redesigned with no end in sight.

There are documented records of Senators less than a decade after the Civil War who said, you people are free – get over it! I say this because I heard the same statement about a week ago. So I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. President, for beginning to speak to the world in a very personal way concerning what African American experience – finally. Although you are helpless to do much if anything about it – you know it’s true – the system of racism exist and it’s real.

So as it is written in His-Story, they erase and remove that which is a disgrace, and change the story of true history. They and teach nothing but lies and if you keep telling the same lies long enough His-Story becomes truth. So to those who say “get over it” – you are the continuation of this ideology and as I like to say “the sins of your fathers” to your benefit and privilege. I know some will say something like you have “black friends” but honestly “do you”? And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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