Economic Insanity: Time To Boycott

6The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over; knowing you’re going to get the same result. This speaks to the behavior of the so-called Negro! Yeah, I know others have identified this group of people in many ways for the purpose of control, but as it has always been the case, any distinction given by others are designed to confuse and manipulate. Since the days of slavery and the first person of African descent to arrive in this land they were and have been used as a source of economic profit. The future of black people is capitalizing on black empowerment, if the race is too survive!!!

Statistics shows that black people spends over one trillion dollars each year. If you need to see what that number looks like – $1,000,000,000,000! This fact, sadly, proves the conditioning of insanity in that less than one percent of that sum is spent with blacks or in the black community! Yet, this group of people has not realized that this is Black Power. Why is it so difficult to understand that we need to be like other cultures and support our own? Latino’s do, the Asians do, and for sure white people do it – it is insane that we don’t. Black people will let anyone come into their community and set up shop to take their money. Payday comes and within fifteen minutes of being paid, it’s given to others.

It is time that we do as Garvey, Malcolm, Woodson, and others have prescribed and understand that the system of survival is economics – MONEY. Until this comes to fruition people of African descent will remain helpless, wealth-less, and dare I say worthless. The argument is always – the White Man! No – No, the problem is our conditioning!

Suppose you look at it this way. CANCEL Christmas next year! If on Christmas, which is simply a created holiday, like all others, everyone refuses to spend any money. Imagine the impact on the economy. Maybe a good first step would be to take one day a week and not spend any money unless you buy black. Just prescribe to the radical theory of BUYING BLACK would get the attention of those who are and have used you for gain.

I have suggested a number of times; we can solve our problems by simply investing in ourselves. There are more than forty-two [42] million black people residing in America. If each contributed one [$1] dollar to a fund, it would generate forty-two million each week. Multiple that time fifty-two weeks and that figure times five years. That total sum properly invested would provide the necessary resources to uplift our people and thereby creating the much-needed independence to be free! And again, BUY BLACK!

I know you’re first thought is, like most fools would say, who is going to handle or get the money. I know I’ve heard it before! It is an insult to all of us because the mere fact that you have nothing anyway – so why argue this point. The most powerful man in the world is black, you know, the president, so there are black people who are capable of administering such a project. Let me be clear, I am not talking about these so-call leaders like Al or Jesse that are already bought.

Maybe if you would sacrifice for ourselves instead of what most give away every Sunday morning – we might be able to secure a future of our descendants for generations to come. I think there should be more black people with wealth than the usual mentioned five or ten that have forgotten you! What I am saying is – this is the only way to survive and to build a nation. It has been hundreds of years and those you support and give your money to have yet to assist black people in any meaningful way! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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One response to “Economic Insanity: Time To Boycott

  • Sid Silhouette

    This is insane. I’m a black man with a black business. I do not have one black client. Why? Black people only want to talk about prosperity, they are unwilling to support any black business. Black people are economic slaves. What is even more crazy is that white people are always trying to fly me somewhere. What is really going on?


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