Perils Of Injustice Or Is It Just Us

th (34)Black people understand that what they call justice is indeed blind, as the great Richard Pryor famously said when it comes to justice in America what we get is JUST-US!

This statement more profound today than most folk realize as it relates to the way black people are treated when comes to the so-called justice system. Just take note to this from some of the news stories that involve African Americans when to comes the countless killing of unarmed black people at the hand of the so-called law or in the courtroom. Of course, it is clear that this system incarcerates people of color at astounding rates and for longer periods of time.

We can see the injustice almost daily in news accounts disseminated by the nation propaganda machine. The police who shoot and kill, with impunity, are always found to be justified, no matter how heinous the murder is and more egregious they are never held accountable for crimes they commit.

The latest atrocity of their so-called justice was the murder of twelve year old Tamir Rice in a park play with a toy gun. In many cases, what these so-called protectors of the streets do would make Hitler blush. These folks are supposed to protect and serve, but almost daily video footage is released that shows what is nothing more that murder. I can go on and on to elaborated on the crimes they commit. These crimes occur so frequently that most people are numb to such events, but the killings of a 12 year old child is hard to digest!

Frankly, the Tamir Rice case takes me back nearly sixty years when another young black child was murdered, and the culprits who committed the crime did not receive justice. I wonder if the story would be different if the victim was white and the shooter was black. I think we know the answer to that!!!

I read a piece some time ago written by a national newspaper reporter, and like him, I was asking the same questions he asked in this article with regard to the murder of Trayvon Martin. First, he asked, what was Zimmerman’s relationship with the Sanford, Fla., police department? Then he asked why was Zimmerman portrayed as a volunteer neighborhood watch captain when he was not part of a registered neighborhood watch program? Further, he asked, did the Sanford Police Department ever warn him about his activities in this unofficial capacity; and I asked was this a cover story to set him free.

We can go back to the Rodney King incident to see how the criminals of justice can find a way to justify the evil crimes and basically “get away” with their horrendous crimes they commit. Then there was Eric Gardner, who we watched strangled to death while begging on video for help, and they told us the standard line. The police, all six of them, were in fear for their lives.

These are all valid questions that demand answers – why no justice. Then in the case of John Crawford shot to death in a public space, Wal-Mart, trying to buy a toy gun that the store sells and on video. Or the murder of a man in South Carolina who was shot in the back by a police officer and the officer is seen on video tampering with the scene. Or how about, the young man in Chicago who was shot sixteen times on camera and the officials paid off the family and kept it quiet for over a year. I guess this applied to the theory that “Justice is Blind”!

Let me also mention the Bill Cosby situation where he was arrested for a supposed crime that took place a decade ago with no evidence except the word of a white woman. This speaks to the old adage that there is nothing more dangerous than for a black man to do is be involved with a white woman! They hung thousands of black men for this unspeakable and unwritten crime in their view. Again, they called this justified!

So as you can see there are more questions than answers, and frankly, a thorough investigation, or at least if what they justice was could have answered these questions and justice would have resulted. What they call justice often times is more like a cover up! Thankfully, the Department of Justice has decided to review some of these cases to ensure that some of these questions may be answered. There is such a thing as right and wrong; some things are right, and some things are wrong. When you look at the aforementioned in these cases – it stinks of wrong.

The first reaction from white folk and the media is that it is not about race and certainly not racism!!! This leaves so many questions than answers, like why does it happen on a daily basis and to black people. If one white person or a dog were killed in this manner, there would be a revolt. We never get the truth and the cop keeps his job, and justice is never served.

With that said, I would suggest that you compare this too little Emmitt Till and the countless other killings of unarmed black men, women, and children; then ask yourself is this simply the Perils Of Injustice,  or is it Just Us. Actually, it is a Damn Shame!!! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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