Black History: Malcolm X Speaks From Beyond

th (34)The purpose of sharing these video’s for Black People living in America on this day, of this year, during this Black History Month is the hope that black people will understand that after four-hundred years their condition has not changed one iota – because black people have no wealth.

Brother Malcolm told us this in the early 1960s, Garvey told us in the 1930s, and Ol’ Freddy Douglas told us during the years before and during the Civil War. They all said the same thing, it is simply insanity for a people to have so much spending power and does not understand the power they have, and continue to give it away to whites and others keeping NONE for themselves to improve their condition. Perhaps, Martin had the best solution – BOYCOTT!

It is say, which is a fact, this group/race/people when a group of people spend more than TRILLION DOLLARS each year and fail to harness that spending power and resources to accomplish greater economic gain, whereby eventually controlling our own destiny. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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