Murder Is The Case Based On History

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There is a lot of talk in the news these days about a terror group called ISIS and no doubt this group does bad things but to be clear they are doing these things, for the most part, to white folk. I would argue that what those people who originated in Europe did to Black People and the Native America was not different, particularly a gang of thugs called the KKK. I have said many times, and history reports that there is a certain group of people who kill and murder with impunity. Being black in America, we call them the police. This group has come to be the terror group of Black America.

Early on they used the myth or false narrative that is called “Manifest Destiny” in which God himself said it was the right of white people to have domain over the earth and everything on it. Naturally, this manifested itself into other reasons like race, bigotry, greed, and onto means, they used for oppression. Those people wrote and oath on a piece of paper, which said all men are created equal while holding human beings in slavery as chattel and said God Bless America.

I don’t need to name names; but we know who you are because it is written in historical documents that tell the story. They use to bury the evil they did, like the thousands of hangings, burning, bombings, rapes, and murder. The same wretchedness occurs today only at the hands of the law! Frankly, if it were not for the availability of videos – most people, white people, as they have denied this fact for hundreds of years would still not believe these atrocities were not happening to black people and those of other races. Frankly, even with video of what is nothing more than murder – they don’t believe their lying eyes.

It was Malcolm X that said the white man, who he called “the devil,” should thank his lucky stars that the people of the world have not risen up against his evil ways. Even Martin said they were the biggest purveyors of evil on the planet. This small group of people has killed, murdered, and conquered more than any people on the planet. Therefore, like Brother Malcolm asked, how can so few rule so many.

History reports that they said one of their own got lost and claimed to discover a place and they took the land calling it the new world. This guy raped, pillaged, enslaved, and murdered the people living on this land. More of these backward people from the same place soon followed to conquer more land all over the hemisphere through the same tactics. Always destroying their culture and erasing their past. The same tactics were used; they brought a Bible and gave them a new religion. Those who did not accept their religion were killed.

There are countless examples going back beyond the Crusades to the American Indians and certainly that of the stolen humans from Africa. The greed of these people expanded to both North and South America enslaving and stealing all they could in the most barbaric manner that would make Hitler blush. At one particular point in American history, these people fought against each other killing more than a half a million of their own kind to maintain the wretched cause of slavery.

For all of the evil committed and buried deep within in the souls of these folks to which history would describe as their nature; I would not dare tell the truth about such a horrible past either. This is where they fall back to the tried and true eraser of wrong – in the name of Jesus. Frankly, they are no more Godly than the darkness that has yet come to light. Matter of fact, on the day of the Sabbath, the so-called holiest day of the week, is the most segregated hour in America. That should tell you where their faith lies. I’ll answer that “Murder is always the case”! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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