Confused Saints

thI wrote an article sometime ago titled “Pimps in the Pulpit” which had the village smoking. I am grateful, however, because of that topic, I got a lot of shares on the social media sites driving a lot of hits to that post. Of those visitors, some took issue with my words. I can and do accept critiques, even the threats, and different points of views. After all, my words are simply my Thought Provoking Perspective. This post might we garner the same reaction, but on a serious note – consider this as something to consider.

In these trying, and very difficult, times for black life in America where black people are under assault on every level of the system. There continue to be too many who hold on to the belief that some Uncle Tom preacher is the answers. As soon as there is a racial disturbance these folk come out of the woodwork to save the day. They are nothing more than tools. Their purpose and their actions are at the behest of white folk to control black people telling us to be calm and love thy brother. Oh, and of course pray.

I like to think I have faith and know the definition of faith; “believes what is unseen to be true”. Black people have believed in faith for about four hundred years and as in the definition, it is still unseen. No equality, no justice, and not even viewed as human. It is reprehensible! Now, I don’t know what GOD is but I do believe he is and think I know what he isn’t. So for these so-called preachers to support the oppressor’s actions – Jesus would not be happy with it.

In my article was public knowledge, reported by the media and some admissions to which I see as fact. They expect us to follow these folk who are fakes and sell outs. When said leaders have sexual relations with members of the congregation, involved in despicable financial dealings, lie and steal, or worse having sex with young boys in the congregation and plead for your money to spend on himself. These are not the people we should want to follow or listen too.

Suppose it was your son molested or your wife dishonored. Would you then view it differently? How can we save ourselves if we expect people such as this to save our souls? The foundation of Jesus’ preaching is truth. So I ask; do you believe in GOD or Man – Right or wrong? But as sure as the sun will rise on Sunday morning most will continue to show up giving these folk your money.

These “False Prophets or Lost Sheppard’s”, leaders of a flock in the name of GOD are mere puppets doing the bidding of the oppressor. In most case the can hardly be adored and not embraced on any level in my opinion. If we wait for them to save us – it will be another four hundred years, and we will be still waiting! And that’s my Thought Provoking Perspective…

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One response to “Confused Saints

  • Ms. Cheryl

    There have “always” been false prophets, lying wonders, false teachers, temple whores and on and on… But God expects HIS people to seek HIS face and not be so vulnerable. Where are the modern day watchman??? The Titus Sisters and the Mighty Men of Valor of the 21st Century??? thanks for the article I like to think “out of the box”, and I’m not offended about the truth. 🙂


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