Commentary: Politricks

grim-reperIt was Solomon who said, “there is nothing new under the sun”! After the farce of what they call a political primary. I have to wonder what does this mean for black people or people of color. Is it as simple as two very rich white people telling us how they can help white folk. In what they call democracy, or shall I say the hypocrisy of democracy, all of the American people has to make a choice for the next president. I will say, without hesitation, we are going to miss the black guy.

Malcolm once said, “They give a man the vote, and it will make him think he is free.” This is a profound statement in that black people have virtually no rights nor has this race of people seen anything close to freedom. By the way, never known anything close to liberty. The American people did elect a man with a black face as president, twice, and black people did not receive anything more than they had before. All other groups, especially gay people, were helped greatly and got something from him, but not the people who look like him.

The fact is that “history shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and had to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.” Dr. Woodson said that about eighty years ago and it still rings true. If the man who looks like black people did very little for blacks people, in spite of their overwhelming support and cover they gave to him – how in the world can we expect Clinton or Trump to do anything for this unwanted constituency!

The former Goldwater Girl, Mrs. Clinton, has somehow fooled black people into thinking she loves them, when in fact, she is merely playing the same game that all other white politicians have played. Talking loud and saying nothing that will become a reality. Twenty years ago Bill, her husband, tricked black people into thinking that he was one of us too. They called him foolishly “the first black president”.

This is what he did for black people, under his administration, he facilitated the policies to put millions of black people in jail for long periods of time though his tough on crime initiatives. On top of that, he stripped million of black people from the welfare rolls. Both actions devastated millions of families and hurt, primarily, people of color.

Mr. Trump has not shown any indication that his administration with him as president would do anything at all for black people. He probably would like to deport black people. But the problem is, because his ancestors stole this race of people and made them slaves; what would he do with this group. Frankly, they have nowhere to go. His argument is that he will make America great again, and he plans to take back his country, which are codeword for white power and make it white, and more racist. Fact is America was never that great to black people.

Just look at the crowds at his rallies and see if you can find a black face; unless he is throwing them out. If a race has no history, if it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor to these candidates; therefore, it stands in danger of being exterminated, which is the ultimate goal. It has been four hundred years and our situation has barely improved, and the so-called forefathers intended that it does not. Second class people forever! You do remember that the Constitution calls black people 3/4th a person.

Let me give you a brief history fact: there is a common belief that the Kennedy’s, JFK and Bobby, were the black man’s friend. At the time, it was said that they were the Negro’s best and only hope. Well, that was not true in either case. Jack used the Negro to get their votes and did nothing for black people. Bobby was the one who signed the order for Hoover to spy on and go after Dr. King as the Attorney General.

Why not exploit, enslave, or exterminate a class that everybody is taught to regard as inferior? Exploitation of black people through economic restriction and segregation is the American way. The present system is sound and will no doubt continue until it gives way to the saner policy of actual interracial cooperation; not the present farce of racial manipulation in which black people are seen as of no value other than to give them a vote and their money.

The devil has said, there will be riots if he is not the republican candidate, so what does that say about his propensity for war and his non-condemnation of the KKK – what does that say about what about black lives mean to him. So black people you have a difficult choice; pick the devil or the wicked witch! If you chose the lesser of two evils, you still are choosing evil. Then the question becomes will you get any more than you have gotten in the past? I will answer that question; NOTHING! Voting is like fool’s gold, the person who votes mean nothing; it is the person who counts the that mean everything. And that is my thought provoking perspective…

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2 responses to “Commentary: Politricks

  • niki1k

    WOW- Definitely some facts to grow on


  • Donald Thomas

    Brother Malcolm Also said “It’s the ballot of the bullet. Here’s some interesting information regarding President Obama and doing things for Black folks. Due to seniority, Powell eventually rose in Congress and in 1961, became chairman of the Education & Labor Committee, one of the critical committees in the House of Representatives. From this post, Powell was instrumental in passing legislation introduced by Presidents John F. Kennedy and his successor, Lyndon Johnson, including such watershed programs as Medicare and Medicaid. The social programs that were part of Johnson’s vision of “The Great Society” were shepherded by Powell through his committee.

    Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Education & Labor Committee set records in passing legislation as Johnson set out not only to equal but surpass Roosevelt and the New Deal by enacting liberal, progressive laws to help the common people in general and African Americans in particular.

    So my question is “where are the AC Powells during this presidents term that have helped to get legislation passed that would aid Black folks?”
    Once you realize the impact of Black health disparities and their effect upon ANY real progress that Black folks can ever make in this country, you will see how much the ACA has done for us. Now it’s not magic. We need people educating out community on how to use that health insurance to it’s fullest. But at the end of the day, if you can’t show me where members of the Black and Hispanic caucuses were pulling their weight like Powell did, then the criticism of President Obama seems a bit lop sided. Unemployment among Black Americans has always been 2-3 times higher than whites. Black unemployment at the start of the Obama Administration was 16% it’s currently 8% still twice that of whites but unless you are talking about revamping the American economy, it’s going to be like that until we as a people take on a specific economic plan of our own where we put as much energy as possible into education and entrepreneurship.


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