The Rainbow Conspiracy


In the land that believes in “Manifest Destiny” while claiming freedom for all has perpetrated another scam. There has always been a con in this land of milk and honey; the problem is only a few get the honey, and the milk makes the rest sick. In today’s world, they tell us gay people have equal rights and can marry as same-sex couples but the Negro, you know the black people they stole still do not have equal rights. That is some F-ed up logic and Negroes are joyously celebrating this so-called victory!

This new scam claims that we live in a “Post-Racial” America. They would have you believe, and most black people do, that there is no more racism or sexism – we are all free. Yes, it hurts to say it but house Negroes are abundant, and there are damn fools a plenty. Also, there are still black people who are shocked whenever there is an incident of racism or a homophobic remark is made and defend the perpetrators vehemently in Jesus name!

This brings to mind a comment made by one of these so-called good Christians concerning one of my posts about Reparations. She said that I “should live in the present and stop focusing on the past because it’s not like that anymore.” She went on to call the article “more propaganda.” I thought how sad, but I can assure you this woman will be the first in line, if and when, any reparations are granted to get her share.

The mindless brainwashing of the souls of people of African descent is as old as the nation itself. A new perception of us comes forth ever so often, and as a people, we or most jump knee deep into it believing the prescription of insanity. Remember, the Constitution has not changed nor has the concept of black people being 3/5ths human and black women less. Yet, the new philosophy is that America has changed, and we now live in a post-racial society, and the bigot’s hearts remain the same. I beg your pardon – this is just another chapter add to His-Story.

With respect to the rainbow colors, the gay agenda is the new civil rights, black people they can hide the chosen way of living; you will always be black. The fact of the matter is that black people have not and will not have the liberty to be free because we chose to support any agenda that divides black people – be it Gay rights, women’s liberation – whatever. The more prudent thing to do is to make sure black lives matter – first!

People – please understand this new agenda has nothing to do with our fight. It is a diversion to take your mind away from black issues – wake-up people. This is another scam like they have always done – nothing to see here, rather list to Brother Gil tell you what happened then and continues today only with new players but the same story. Trust in the Lord and you will be ok when you’re dead. And that’s my thought provoking perspective

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One response to “The Rainbow Conspiracy

  • Julius Williams

    If America has become a post-racist society, then why is President Obama still catchin’ all that Hell. While being assaulted, castigated and blocked at every turn by the opposition GOP party, he receives precious little support from with his own Democratic party. Just yesterday, July 6, Yahoo carried an article from a news paper in New York with the headline, “The Nigger in the White House. Because a Black Man is in the office of President, not even the office is being respected. And our
    politicians must feel that they have the backing of the electorate, they being the representatives of the people. They seem to feel they are doing the will of the people by shutting down the government and blocking any piece of positive legislation purposed by this Black Man.


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