Conspiracy Theory: Prince Was Murdered

028_1601I am generally not into or believe in conspiracy theories, but I have lived long enough to have seen this before. In the case of Prince’s untimely demise under suspicious circumstances. I am reminded of one of my granddaddy use to say. “this dog just don’t hunt!” It’s almost like “they” could not get the story right as to the cause of death. More importantly, when considering what happens to his product and the money makes me ask the question – is there any truth to what’s being reported. I think he was killed!!!

Let’s get go back in time and look at the history of black music artists. First and foremost, NO black performer has been allowed to obtain and fully own the music! We have all heard the stories back to Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Tupac, Whitney, and Jimi Hendrix, who fought for the rights to their masters and suddenly died. Michael Jackson, who did own the Beatles’ catalog and the music of others died mysteriously and Prince! Each of these artists was or had been in furious battles with the music industry forces all dying under suspicious circumstances.

I think it’s more to it than the price of fame! Those forces regained control and profited greatly when each died. It is important to note that a few days before Prince’s death, at his last public appearance, he told fans to ‘Wait a few days before you waste your prayers.’ These sound like the words of someone who knew he was in the crosshairs. Noticing the parallels with Michael Jackson’s death and other black music icon are astonishing.

Here are some important questions: Who will wrest control of Prince’s enormous back catalog now he is dead? Will Warner Brothers buy the rights to his music from his heirs in a cut-price deal, the same way Sony got their hands on Michael Jackson’s catalogue after his death? Who gets control over the thousands of unreleased songs in his vault? It has been suggested by music industry sources that his songs could be used for the next hundred years by manufactured, replaceable, corporate-enslaved pop stars. This amounts to trillions of dollars.

In the classes I teach, I have a favorite saying that I preach – “if you follow the money, you will always get the right answer!” Just watch and see who gets the money, you will find out who is the culprit!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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