False Promises

290_100001I have asked myself many times – what happened to black leadership; the answer was shockingly painful. In the world we live in today, there are none, and those who pretend to be leaders are either working for the people oppressing us, sellouts or simply pimps in the pulpit.

There are no more Malcolm’s, Martin’s, H. Rap’s, Chairman Fred’s or Stokely’s, and the government will see to it that there will never be another Nat Turner type of Negro! So what we are left with are organizations funded by the opposition to fool black people into thinking that “We shall overcome.”

I have said many times that integration did more harm to black people than the KKK. I say this because what happened, as a result, was it divided black people in ways none of us could imagine, which was always the strategy – to divide and conquer! Naturally, some will take issue with this statement. I say this because I lived during segregation and honestly I felt safer during this period. These people will always dig up Dr. King reminding us about the dream and the Civil Rights Bill, which in truth benefited white people more than black people. They man women a minority, which literally means white women and it was they who benefited most.

Here is a survey of what people think of race relations.

It is not my intent to spell gloom and doom, but the facts speak for itself. While black people are at the bottom of every measurable economic category be it from jobs, health issues, and certainly the category of wealth. However, I would be remissed if I did not say there is one category that black people rank very high in, and that is the justice system or shall I say injustice. Police kill black people with impunity and the courts mass incarcerate black people more that anywhere on the planet.

Our so-called leaders will shout loudly to “keep hope alive” while being paid off by the system that wants to keep us locked out of anything close to the promise of equality. My question is to the faithful, black people have listening to and waiting for the false promises to be realized, murdered at will, and denied the fulfillment of all promises. So is this what hope is continuing to pray, march, and maybe someday we will overcome!

Maybe hope will come when death comes and it is then that black people receive the rewards we should rightfully deserve in live. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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