The Foundation Of The Present

20150420_201208History is a powerful tool because it’s like a clock that tells you where you have been and where you have yet to go. Arnold Glasgow once said, “The future is the past returning through another gate.” In other words, history repeats itself and just as Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” This is particularly evident in today’s political environment to which I would argue because America is more divisive than probably at any time in its history. It is more racially polarized as it’s ever been.

Just look at the destructive business of justice for example; we see the racially biased war on drugs, stop and frisk, Stand Your Ground, the prison industrial complex that is now a for-profit entity with its stocks traded on the stock market. They call corporations people, yet they never serve time for their crimes. There is no question, and statistics bears it out, that these policies and laws disproportionately affect African Americans and minorities. It is not much different than the Black Codes or Slave Laws of the past, which is why we need groups like the black lives matter movement today.

Let’s go one step further. The state of race relations is at its worst in a hundred and fifty years. The American president and, in fact, all minorities are much maligned and chastised by groups like the Tea Party and for sure the GOP; both are nothing more than the new face of the “Klan.” Billionaires have bought and paid for the GOP electing politicians who do their bidding with no regard for American or its people and then theirs Trump who may well prove to be the antichrist!

Over time, this culture of hatred has appeared in any number of different forms, i.e., slavery, separate but equal, segregation, and Jim Crow. However, what we see today is different with the same face of racism. It is easy to see because often they will quickly say they are not racist or that they have black friends. So beware of the pat on the back as they smile in your face.

There may be some who will disagree, but the foundation of this democracy was built on the backs of one group or another. Even before Africans were stolen and brought to this country, the nation’s forefathers had already begun to annihilate the people who were already on America’s soil. Although the process was not complete for several hundred years – these people were destroyed.

The mindset of these people in the GOP, the so–called Conservatives, has turned even more dangerous because they have now begun to eat they’re own. This is a clear indication that the least of thee have no chance. From Nixon to their hero Reagan, to Bush, Bush II, and beyond; the goal has been the same, to protect the rich and destroy all others. Therefore, it appears that it is not black and white anymore; rather it’s rich or poor.

So my question to America; how does it feel to be an N-word, because we are all N-words now! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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