His-Story: Paper Genocide

(3)It is important to understand that White Supremacy had to rewrite the true history, with little facts, because they had to deny the history of other people, especially black people, through what I call His-Story. Today, as more information of truth is revealed, we know now that there is no truth in the story they tell. They made us believe that black people live in caves, but the most ingrained image is the black people live in the jungle, which there is no evidence anywhere that black people ever lived in a cave.

We must also except that there was never any truth in what is taught in schools or classrooms in America. Just like the word “library” literally means that is where the lies are buried! If you research and read books by those who lived the history or at a particular period of history, you will usually find some truth. White folk has done a great job of censorship. This is why the school systems in America sanctions what books a student can study. It is evidenced by the fact slavery is barely mentioned, if taught at all, what is taught is nothing more than the white man’s fantasy or maybe guilt relief.

There was nothing kind or decent about stealing another human being from his land to enslave for life with the only purpose to be used as a beast of burden. NOTHING! When they tell the story, they have to put a good face on the evil they did because it was done, supposedly, in the name of God. This was the greatest crime of all to have the church sanction the practice and declare it as an entitlement by God for white people. They even made him white so that all other people worship the face of a white man.

Let’s talk about the good book, which was changed many times, twenty-eight times, in fact, to suit and justify the crimes done by the white men. Don’t you find it odd that the church on Sunday morning is the most segregated place in America? Trust me; the only God white folk know and believe in is the paper they wrote on money “In God We Trust” – the money.

Most believe the story of white Jesus to be true; not being aware that it is merely a tool to brainwash and oppress.  Just like most still believe the lie “All men are created equal.” I am always amazed that the lies told by his-story still resonate so profoundly in the minds of people today. Malcolm told us a long time ago that “only a fool would let the enemy teach his children.” I guess it is no surprise because they taught you and I suppose that makes you a fool too. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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