Twenty First Century Lynching’s

(4)Let me begin by saying the police were formed by slave masters to hunt down and catch runaway slave. There has been a continuing culture of brutality and abuse from that day to this. Let’s stop thinking that white folk care about the killing of any black person by a police officer. They can see as we do that what is happening is wrong and see it as murder just as we do. Because of the White Supremacy Code that they must uphold and use the smile to tell a lie about it because a cover up is to follow.

This type of murder and abuse has been a staple of White Supremacy dating back centuries. The difference now is that we have social media, and everybody has a camera. Therefore, they can no longer hide this misconduct and not reported on mainstream media; as it was in the Trayvon Martin case where it took over a year for this crime to be reported.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana the fatal police shooting of a father of five children, Alton Sterling, who was fatally shot by police early Tuesday morning. Sterling was a 37-year-old black man. The two officers involved in the murder were videotaped showing Sterling pinned to the ground by two white police officers. Thank you, Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, founder of Stop the Killing, a youth mentoring program based in Baton Rouge for making the first cell phone video of the police shooting of Alton Sterling.

In a twenty-four time frame, another black man was shot four times and killed, Philando Castile in Minnesota, for doing absolutely nothing and in front of his daughter and girlfriend. Fortunately, she had the mindset to live stream the incident. Even with video proof they still try to negate the face or try to make us believe we did not see what we thought we saw. In other words, our lying eyes are playing tricks on us and in the Louisiana case they say both of the body camera’s fell off the police. Shake my damn head! We heard this same story with Rodney King; we did not see what we thought we did.

It is a time that we take our belief in white out of the equation like was done in the Charlotte Church shooting were those black folk prayed and forgave the murder immediately. Black leadership should call to arms black people’s right to defend and protect their lives against this terror. We have seen there is no consequence for murdering an unarmed black person. Sorry turning the other cheek has failed miserably. Their behavior is as bad, if not worse than ISIS!

These so-called public servants will go so far as to go after and prosecute the person who captures the incident on video. For example, the New York Daily News reports that the man who filmed the chokehold death of Eric Garner, Ramsey Orta, is preparing to head to prison for four years for filming that incident. Further, the Baltimore DA is under attack for trying to prosecute the officers in the Freddie Gray case. No DA in America has taken any such action against a police officer. So far this year there has been over five hundred killing of black people by the police.

Once those who murder black people realize that we are no longer an easy target, this will stop. Unfortunately, more lives will be lost before we stop this police state. However, for the sake of our children people must exercise their right to obtain a firearm permit, obtain optimal target training, and be willing to stand up to injustice, especially when the lives of black people is threatened.

I can recall the words of H. Rap Brown who told us to “ Burn Baby Burn”. After he uttered these words this insanity stopped, at least for a while. These acts of terror are nothing more than what ISIS doing and this terror is nothing more than a war on black people. So let’s call it what is ISIS American Style and the terror being inflicted on innocent and in most cases unarmed black people would make Hitler blush!

As is always the case, the real so-called Americans, white folk, continue to not believe there is no problem and nothing to see here. Make no mistake these deaths were assassinations. They always say that there are so many good police, I don’t know any! But if this is the case, why the hell don’t they snatch, come from behind that blue wall of silence and do something about the bad cops. And that’s thought provoking perspectives…



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