3I have said many times that I am a member of the Common Sense Party, which simply means that I don’t believe that neither the GOP nor the DNC has our, black people’s backs or interests included in either party’s platform. I will however, readily admit that this year the choice is the lesser of two evils. When you take into consideration it has been four hundred years of hearing the same thing and getting no appreciable results. My conclusion it that it is a huge game and black people take sides as if somehow things will change.

I am proud and so happy to have lived in this period of time because I have witnessed things that “no one living or dead” could image. For example, seeing a black man elected president of these United State of America – twice! This is significant because those precious documents the so-called founding fathers used to establish this stolen land did not even consider black people human. On the backs of slaves this nation, usually through cruelty, built a world power. Last week the First Lady said, “She wakes up every day in a house that slaves built.”

The remarks bought out the ugliest commentary from white folk – as if what she said was a lie. One news reporter, Bill somebody said “but they were fed and had a roof over their head”, as if to say they should have been grateful they were stolen and made a beast of burden. This kind of thinking is exactly the problem with race relations; white folk feel enlightened and we know the system of White Supremacy is alive and well. They feel that what their forefathers did to black people was somehow their right and say that slavery took place in the past. It did in a sense but every living white person continues to benefit from the hateful and disgraceful act of slavery. It was in my view the “greatest crime known to mankind”!

We have had a man with a black face as president and although he has done very little for black people in particular as compared to others groups – as if this was progress for all. I love Obama and his family for the optics of being the president but to be real he had not addressed the issues of the black people by a large. In fact, today things are as bad as they have been at any time for the last one hundred years.

I lived through segregation and frankly things, as far as I can see, were better during segregation. At least, the race knew and understood what America was really about and how they felt about us. This about this; most are still calling on Jesus, the white savior, to come to the rescue and fervently pray for relief for the condition of black people. Let me say, it has been two thousand years and I hate to break the news but Jesus is NOT coming back! There is no accident that he was made white. Remember this the KKK is suppose to be a Christian group; ask yourself how does that work?

I understand that faith is believing what you cannot see to be truth. The politicians of today pander and use sellouts to make black people think everything is alright. When it is not! By now everyone should know that White Supremacy is at the root of all the life of black people in America. Oh yeah, today we see a lot of black faces, like last night, presented for little more than optics  but ask yourself  who are these people?

Lastly, I like millions of black people have fought or served in their military and I can speak for me when I say that service has not given me anymore acceptability in society than any other black person. It is time to wake up!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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