Police Brutality Is Not New

001We always hear the talking points from the pro-cop crowd and the police unions that all cops’ are not bad and most do a great job. My question is – why don’t these so-called good cops’ do something about the bad one? In fact, most stand behind the blue wall of silence, which means they are part of the problem. I have lived a long time and I can say I have never met a good cop! Most departments are full of corruption, and their unions go to outrageous lengths to protect bad apples. As it turns out, police unions all over America do all of those things, and more, but their greatest skill, above all others, is contortion. They will contort themselves like pretzels to defend indefensible actions from fellow officers.

Therefore, I submit if you want to be a violent, unethical rule-breaking racist and stay employed. In America has one profession where your job security is all but guaranteed: law enforcement. As we see daily countless abuses, almost Nazi like, against black citizens, white folk are so terribly shock at the video’s they see on the daily news. As the country roils over outrageous cases of police brutality and murder, most of our focus on how stop the violence understandably center on the exact moments such brutality takes place. The truth is that the conditions and culture which allow police brutality to be a daily reality in America start long before a trigger is pulled or an illegal chokehold applied comes from the state.

Let’s look at it this way; it takes an average of over 2,650 hours to receive a cosmetology license, but just about 600 to become a police officer. Police officers struggle with steroid, drug and alcohol abuse at alarming rates, which could help explain why an astounding 40% of homes with a police officer in them suffer from domestic violence. This is a rate more than double that of the NFL. Further, as people of color see it police departments are becoming cultural monoliths of poorly trained white men struggling with racism, steroids and alcoholism. What could go wrong especially when they know they can get away with murder?

Then comes conservative politicians like Donald Trump and others champion law enforcement that use it as a political football, to appeal to their uneducated white male base, Trump has taken to talking about police every other day. In fact, he calls himself the “law and order candidate”. Trump joins the likes of the guy Rudy of New York who have no clue as to the reality of what they preach. For example, four Fort Lauderdale Police Officers sent texts about “getting drunk and killing n—–s,” texted one another saying to “get the noose ready” and filmed a promo video for the KKK? Or like in the San Francisco Police Department, at least 19 different police officers were caught sending violently racist text messages to one another.

Many of the police involved in these racist scandals, and dozens of others like them, are still working in those same police departments in spite of the clear evidence that they were racist. It has been long known the corruption in these gangs. Just listen to how they talk to the people who pay them or the way they approach the people they are suppose to protect and server. Frankly, if a police officer is found to be racist, particularly in light of the reality that policing disproportionately focuses on people of color. He should be fired that day. If a police officer thinks so strongly about African-Americans that they text these awful messages to one another, the notion that it never actually affected their policing is preposterous.

But no, some leading voices in law enforcement, like Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who spoke on the main stage at the Republican National Convention, deny that police departments even have racism in them. Facts clearly don’t matter to men like Sheriff Clarke and Donald Trump. Hence, there is little hope that anything will change as far as their brutality against the black citizens of America. But then black people have been saying this for decades but no one heard the voices of the community.

If we are to take the problems of police brutality in America seriously and find reasonable, practical solutions, the bad apples must not only be fired, but they must be banned from law enforcement forever and there are a lot of bad ones. Let’s be clear this is not a new phenomena but is is time to make sure it stops. It is as old as the nation from the first slave patrol. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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