13403E4D7DB20000EB400002-attachment-1-1436007816317It gives me great pleasure, and an honor to offer a birthday wish to our great president. I know there are many who might not call him great. However, I would remind you that next to the guy before him; he is the great president ever. Honestly, that guy should be in jail! When he came into office the country was on the verge of collapse, wars were raging with no end in sight, the president before him and his partner in crime was only motivated with self-enrichment.

He brought the country back from near mass destruction. His job was made harder at every phase by the bigots who still can’t get over his complexion. Remember the bigoted “birther” thing! He began by saying “Yes We Can” and proved it with “Yes We Did.” Everybody black knows or was taught that if you are to survive being black in America, “you must be twice as good to get half as far.” Mr. Obama has shown the world, and he made it to the top becoming the most powerful man in the world.

This president won the Nobel Peace Prize after being in office only nine months, which is an honor that only three Presidents have received; President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 (while in office), and President Jimmy Carter, who was awarded the prize after leaving office in 2002. Mr. Obama is only the second sitting president and the third of all forty-four to be honored with this prize. Let me remind you that the last president only got a “shoe” thrown at him.

He has been and is much maligned and hated; called everything from Hitler to Nigger! Say what you will about him but my life has been better with him than the last guy. I can speak to the fact that I have seen one president assassinated, one resigning leaving office in disgrace, an actor who did not know his name in the end and leaving office with most of his cabinet going to jail for crimes. Not to mention, the last guy who has to be listed as one of the worse presidents. This president has not had a hint of scandal in eight years!

I would argue this fact with anyone that he changed the world with his presence, made history, and on this day I am thankful he was born – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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  • Donna Michele Haywood McCullough

    Happy Birthday Prsident Obama.
    May you continue to be blessed and celebrate many, many more birthdays as well.


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