American Injustice

4The history of mankind is clear; no civilization has lasted when greed and injustice caused it to become rotten to its core. We have seen recently that the land of the so-called free and the home of the brave has reached this milestone in the most shameful and shocking ways.

History is known to repeat itself and from the standpoint of governance and the transparency with regard to information exposing police killings, and dare I say, murders of unarmed black men, in particular, it is reminiscent the Third Reich of Nazi Germany. If you can recall, their reign of terror was perpetrated at the hands of the police.

Just yesterday we saw a video where Chicago police killed another unarmed black man it a wild west style attack, and as it is their stance the police officer’s life was in danger. However, their own video show’s the police bare much of the blame for the situation, but they are following the directions of the town leader and government. Black America continue to ask why is it the almost once a week an unarmed black person is murdered.

I am certain everyone can remember the incident involving the last Rodney King where the police beat him nearly to death; if not you’ve seen the video. After the police officers went to trial and were found not guilty, riots ensued, and the question was why. The world saw the event captured on video – the argument was “we did not see what we thought we saw.” This is often what happens when the police try to arrive at the conclusion, which is most often “justified” and this seems to be the desired outcome – “there is nothing to see here.”

The problem is this “white people do not get killed” by the police in this manner. I have said, if just one white person or Jewish person were killed by the police, these murders would stop. They murder the homeless, Veteran’s, women, and children where none had no gun. More disturbing, to me, was in defense of a lawsuit for the death of a twelve-year-old child at the hands of the police in Cleveland. The city claimed it was the child’s fault for his own death. Yet, they call people from other places around the world are terrorist.

The power of the men in blue that represents the state has enormous power, often unchecked. They will protect each other at all cost, regardless of the wrong. They operate under a code and have a playbook that has been used for time and memorial. In the time of Jesus, Rome was the state, and their enforcers operated like thugs, we know how they dealt with decent. They hung him on a cross, and black people are being murdered at the hands of the police state.

This country was founded on descent with what they called a Revolution by those opposed to the England’s rule and fought to gain its freedom. They specifically said all American’s have rights; one is freedom of speech, and another is the right to assemble. The only conclusion, in concert, with what appears to be their protection of the officers who kill to cover up in order to get to “justified.” From my vantage point, it is the police who have crossed the line every step of the way.

These are armed police, with semi-automatic rifles, with batons, with shields, many of them dressed in combat gear, and they tell us the have to shoot an unarmed person a dozen or more time, and nothing is done by the state. Now why they’re doing this, I don’t know, because there is no threat going on here, none that merits this kind of response. There is no reason and nothing that merits these repeated scenes like those in Iraq. Nothing!

Every empire created since the existence of mankind has fallen mainly from within. For what the police are doing to the black community. America’s amoral racial disparities have been exposed to the world. With respect to the blatant police abuse by people sworn to “protect and serve”; the system seems to be protecting the officers involved and to serve their own interests and not the black people. To them it is just business as usual and the conclusion is always JUSTIFIED. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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