King Of Fools

imagesIn the last several weeks Trump has been reaching out to “African Americans,” which should be a good thing but it appears his efforts will be as successful as a recruitment campaign for the KKK. He said, “African Americans have nothing to else to lose!”

This proves what black people have been saying that “they” created this wretched environment we have been forced to live. This guy is the epitome of White Supremacy, and that is why they will lie, cheat or steal to “take their country” back to a place where it is ruled by bigotry and white only is the law!

Now, I don’t agree that black people have nothing else to lose. Under a president “him” our very existence will be at stake! Since there is nowhere, he can send his African Americans back to the only alternative is to do what Hitler did to the Jews. Let me go on record and say this man is dangerous!!!

Donald, you have a few “coons” in your corner but they can’t help you. I try not to judge white folk because their history lends no credible evidence to support them being humane let alone supporting any minority and where in history. Now I will agree that we have never seen a man like Trump before, but then we have – he is merely a replica of what white folks are only to the extreme. He has rallied the Klan, and they are armed and dangerous! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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