Today’s Truth

(2)The last thing Dr. King said to us was “we’ve got some difficult days ahead”! I have often wondered whether that was a prophetic thought or said because he had seen white folk at their worst – killing and lynching thousands of black folk for mere entertainment. And yes, I must remind you that segregation was the law of the land and Jim Crow was an unwritten law. Also, slavery was a law that these folks strictly enforced. I call these acts of degradation and terror “the sins of their fathers.” The sad thing is the apple does not fall far from the tree!

As we seen murder after murder, assassination after assassination, too many modern day lynching’s, and not a sane person on the planet can believe they don’t know it’s real and true. They know it and set up the system the makes it possible. Just let the police shoot or murder one Jew or white person – we will see the system changed and fixed. Racism and bigotry is part of their DNA; it is American as apple pie.

This week a black man got brave or fed up and shot a bunch of cop’s in Dallas and white folks were shocked because “how dare him”! They should thank their lucky stars this has not happened long before now. The fact is it has happened but like much of His-Story, that part was never told. For example, try to remember if you were taught or told anything about Nat Turner when you were in school. Didn’t think so!

Dr. King also told us that these people were the greatest purveyors of evil on the planet, and so did Malcolm but black people just kept praying and singing “we shall overcome”! All this week we have seen them come out all week smiling resurrecting the good Dr. from his grave telling black folk to love and be nonviolent! When I was a child, there was a popular song that said, “Smiling faces tell lie and you know that’s true.”

The last thing America wants is for black people to wake up and rise up! They are hated all over the world, and everybody can see it but black folk. Four hundred plus years is a long time to fall for the same thing, and yet, most believe them more than you believe in us. I will leave you with this statement by Malcolm that says “how can so few control so many.” So this morning as you sit in some church and pray to that white man, this is the reason! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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