Trump: The Great White Hype

Featured Image -- 10389I read an article in the New York Times that thoroughly summed up what is in the hearts of White America. It was written by the well-known, racial antagonist Pat Buchanan, his rant trending on Twitter was spot on! My first thought when I saw his name that maybe he had died, which fortunately for him it was not so. But it was just another one of his racist rants. He is known to said somethings that are racist and stupid.

Well the new racist savior, Trump, went to Mexico and guess what – nothing happened. Nonetheless, as I read Buchanan’s commentary, he spoke truth to what white folks are feeling in America today. I would not wish death upon even the lowest of our species. When it comes to Pat Buchanan, the alternative is only slightly better, because the longer he breathes air, chews food and gets a decent amount of sleep, Buchanan can be counted on for his racist rants. That is what he does! In the latest commentary from the conservative commentator is a column in which he calls Donald Trump “The Great White Hope.”

In it, Buchanan whines about the pitfalls of being a white male in an ever-changing world where whites aren’t the only soldiers, scientists, carpenters, and clergy. He went on to say “The world has been turned upside-down for white children. In our schools, the history books have been rewritten, and old heroes blotted out, as their statues are taken down and their flags are put away.” Which is how they all feel, whether they admit it or not – it’s true. They call it being PC (politically correct) now, but they are thinking white only, bigotry and white supremacy. Look at it this way, they say the N-word as if they think we don’t know they are saying Nigger!

These words came out of the mouth of a man who cherishes the wretched history of white America evil past. He seemed upset because white “Children are being taught that America was ‘discovered’ by genocidal white racists, who murdered the native peoples of color, enslaved Africans to do the labor they refused to do, then went out and brutalized and colonized indigenous peoples all over the world.” In other words, they’re being taught the truth not the lies of his-story!

White folk and racists have always had a problem with the truth. It debunks their silly notions of white supremacy and the insulting fallacy that everyone else is inferior. This is what they call Manifest Destiny, which means God gave the world to them and everything in it. They see the first step in their demise as the election of the first black president in America – twice! And now there is a chance of electing a woman as president. They know the so-called founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. White folk are scared as hell because it is their generation that lost America.

Buchanan, like Trump and dare I say most white folk are counting the days until the end of the first black presidency. The sight of a black man behind a seal that says “President of the United States” — for nearly eight years, no less — has upset their sense of order in the world. White folks are supposed to rule and be at the top of the food chain, and now a woman might hold power and mark my words – they will treat Hillary worse than they treated Mr. Obama. Therefore, Buchanan argues the need a great white hope to make America great again.

Buchanan goes on to write “Lincoln and every president had been a white male… What has changed in our culture? Everything.” Adding that the “‘angry white male is now an acceptable slur in culture and politics.” Slur? He should consider the slurs the rest of us have endured for centuries. Buchanan, like most white men and Trump, wouldn’t last three days in this world being anything but what he is white. And if you think that is an exaggeration, try being the black, Hispanic, Native American or Asian in America throughout history and today.

It tells me a lot about racism and bigotry in America when they cry about the woes of being white, and now they have Trump the savor of White America! The truth is — there’s that word again, truth — people like Buchanan and Trump nor would any white person on the planet wouldn’t trade places with a black person for a minute. So they seek a Great White Hope, a fascist, to take back their country. An America where racism and bigotry reign supreme. And that’s my thought provoking perspective…


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